Beginner’s Tarot Course

Card images from Le Tarot De Jacques Vieville, editions SIVILIXI

Yes, friends, the Beginner’s Tarot  Course rides again!

If you are interested in taking part, please let me know using the form below. I am shooting for a January start date, but I can accommodate your needs. Let me know.

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Opening Of The Key

Thanks to Catherine from TAROT ELEMENTS for her very informative post on card counting and the OOTK. We performed one (I think that’s the way to say it) at Tokyo Tarot’s monthly Tarot Salon on Sunday. Join us next time, when we talk about forgiveness, gratitude and responsibility in the Tarot, and how we might use the Tarot as a spiritual path.

Thank you Sunday Street

Thank you to the organisers and attendees of Sunday Street.

Sunday street の皆様ありがとうございました。

What an amazing day.


Thank you also to everyone who came to ask for a Tarot reading.


I’m sorry I could only see about half of you.


I hope to see you next time.