Long On Words, Short On Healing

Larry Dossey, MD – Healing Words – HarperOne

If you worry about the empirical science behind prayer and Healing, because you feel the need to prove to narrow-minded reductionists that this stuff WORKS, beyond what you already know because you have seen it work with your own eyes and done it with your own hands, then by all means read this book. Read it, memorise it, and spout the figures and double-blind, gold-standard reproduceable tests, that prove scientifically what you knew all along, because for some people, your experience and your word are not good enough. They need it on paper, because if it’s not printed on paper then it has no validity.

Jam-packed with case study after case study of “miracle” cures, ruminating the possible role of quantum mechanics in Healing and prayer, this is a roll-call of men in white coats with clip-boards scratching their heads over inexplicable cures that somehow defy current scientific “fact”. What this book doesn’t tell you is how to do the healing, which Healing Words to actually use. It’s hinted at, skirted around and vaguely suggested in the most woolly terms. But no actual words, as such.

If you’re looking for a real manual on Healing, read Barbara Brennan’s Hands of Light.

Did anyone say Trades Descriptions violation?

This Is It. This Is The Big One.

I’ve been studying Buddhism for about 25 years, and I’ve been studying Zen for about 15 years. As a healer, I’m very interested in subtle energies and I’m constantly looking for ways to deepen my practice.

For me, deepening my practice means entering more fully into the flow of my life, surrendering and relinquishing control to my Spirit Guides, finding or even just recognising streams of energy. Definitely, progressively allowing myself to trust more is a big part of my ongoing practice. It’s like learning to un-tense muscles, easing myself into my potential.

Lorin Roche’s Radiance Sutras (Sounds True, Boulder, CO, 2014), a translation of the Bhairava Tantra, opens the mind to the path of liberation in the same way as the Dogen Zenji’s poetry or the Heart Sutra. As the Sandōkai says: “Seekers of the Truth, Do not waste your days and nights in idleness”. Read this book.

Archangels Of Magick

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ll know that I’m a very big fan of the Gallery of Magick. This group of people publishes books on magic that are simple to use and effective. So it was with great pleasure that I bought this latest publication, Archangels of Magick. I’ve had it for a month now to test-drive it before giving my verdict.

As you’d expect from a GoM book, it strays a little on the wordy side but the rituals are very well explained, and easy to follow if you prepare and take care. Their efficacy is, well, really staggering.

You could buy and use this book without any previous knowledge or experience of magic or ritual magic, and all of their books are transformative.

With the warmest thanks for another excellent title.