Approaches to 2015

step 1: What do I need to do less of, diminish and remove from my current practice or approach? What do I need to cut down on?



The most important thing to downsize is an attitude of what I can get for myself, to strengthen my position. The 4 of Disks is “strength in material possessions”, and in this case it would be an attitude to loosen up on. Don’t fret so much about where it’s all going to come from, this can lead to an attitude of miserliness and stuckedness in your own account-keeping.

The two flanking cards show my personality issues – how I seek to control with my mind, and rationalise everything. I sometimes come over as calculating and a little cold. At the same time, my approach is aflame with passionate desire to learn, but in the long term this can lead to burn-out.

Time to cool down and lessen the all-out ego tripping. I need to decrease the urge to control and account for everything. At the same time, I realise that I can be way too full-on about life. A full-throttle attitude is great to get the party started, but it can lead to too many false starts, and nothing that really lasts.

What’s missing from this mini-spread above is the element of Water. There is no passive cool here, no long-term acceptance of my position in this universe. The fact that there are also no Major Arcana shows that I want to control everything, and I am not feeling a balance between what I can do myself and what I am led to do by Upstairs.


step 2: What do I need to increase, or add to my current practice or approach? What attitude or process do I maximise?


The Wheel of Fortune is the card of Jupiter, think: Rock’n’Roll, an attitude of entitlement towards partying and good times, and insane good luck. The moralistic Tarot tempers this with a karma-oriented vibe and the idea that whatever expanding your ego and hopes experience, there will be a down-time to counter that. Hangovers and payback both, ain’t they a bitch.

On either side, we see how this approach could be attempted in the here and now:

The 10 of Swords is the yuck and panic of fear, loathing and paranoia, on the other side is 2 of Cups is new friendships and alliances that support you spiritually and emotionally. Whatever nasties await you this year, the beauty and love in your new relationships will carry you through.

Take the ups and downs with a long view, don’t get snagged up in the minutiae, as in the 4 of Disks above. Let everything flow and roll and eventually you will become part of the process, not a victim to it, or run over by the wheels of fate.

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