Beginners Tarot Course on Udemy

A friend suggested I put my Beginners’ Tarot Course on Udemy, so I’m busy doing that at the moment. The photo above is a screen shot of the video editing suite I’m using.

Udemy is an online platform for sharing and taking online courses. I’ve had a peruse at the Tarot offerings and they all seem to be “learn Tarot in an afternoon” style. Yes, but then why not take the time to really learn the Tarot properly? I think some people would prefer that, don’t you?

My course will follow nearly the same format as the Beginners’ Tarot Course I ran in January, 12 weeks of weekly content, delivered straight to your inbox. However, the Udemy course will not be free. I haven’t decided on a fee yet, but I’ll certainly make sure it’s affordable.

Now I have a shiny new MacBook, I have the iMovie editor and it’s taking a while to get used to using it, the mobile version is a lot more feature-rich and the touch-screen makes editing so much easier than with a keyboard. By contrast, Udemy’s course builder looks to be flexible and user-friendly, the interface is intuitive and I might even be able to make some money with this. Ya never know.

Marseille Old and New

Really happy to see these two Marseille decks side by side. Amazing how the old Spanish version has 3 people at the magician’s table, with a dog biting at his fleas below it. What is on that table, I wonder?

The Star Card has also changed so much. At what point did the Alchemist Mage become a nude young woman?

Thanks as always to Tokyo Tarot Meetup, this evening in Yokosuka, for the images.

Just Look at the Darn Cards, Will Ya?

Maman Miyuki’s Tarot de Marseille

Reading through Tom Benjamin’s Tarot on Earth ahead of next month’s Tokyo Tarot Book Club Event, I’m excited to begin reading what I actually see on the table (or in this case bed) instead of what I know.

In this spread, I asked about the nature of the relationship with the people I work with. So what do we actually SEE?

The significator is the central card. We see people meeting face to face and two cups. But they are separated by some ornate stem flower in a red vase – the Yoni is in the room! Below is the world surrounded by a whole botanical garden of foliage and encased in more ornamentation than a German Rococo church. The little fishy-monsters are looking at each other but showing their teeth. So this spread is about socialising, or not, and the pressures of the world underlying the urge towards potential friendships.

On the left we see a lot of cups upside down. There are upset emotions and cups that are not charged. In the centre is a little blue flower with a red centre… another Yoni, but feeling cold, it seems.

On the right is the 9 of Coins. Money or plates are on the table, and the door is open, but there is something barring the way, another something, a mirror, a world,  or a face that is separate from the rest, in the middle but enclosed in a fancy wall. At the risk of becoming tiresome, it’s a Yoni wall!  The flower buds reach out top and bottom, so there is potential for events to unfold, but even though the roots of the flowers connect, there is nothing happening yet and one person is being kept separate from the others.

So we are seeing a disconnection of people based on the tight constraints of the world. The left side (female) feels upset and that the wine is being wasted. The right side (male) feels that the central face needs to be kept apart, but it’s difficult because that person is right in the midst of everyone.

A pretty bang-on description of what is going on at work currently, I’d say. And all I did was look at the darn cards. Thanks, Tom Benjamin. This is a seriously great tool.

Tarot Reading Peer Feedback Event

Sun and Moon Tarot deck

I’m so enjoying the Tokyo Tarot peer feedback events. If you want to get better as a Tarot reader, the absolute best way is to do readings in return for feedback. We get together once a month and as a group exchange readings for feedback. Listening to other people give readings, and getting a new take on the cards is also invaluable.

What Does It Mean When There Is No Water in a Tarot Reading?

Deck: Asherah Tarot by Sarah Wheatley.

Look, no Water.

The topic of this reading is my relationship. I asked: “What is my relationship a metaphor for?” Because relationships define our relationship to ourselves, we need to see our “outer” relationships as metaphors.

On a superficial level, I think this is saying that we are in a negative cycle of  over-thinking and hot/cold passion. There is no water-type flow, only struggle and urges. It’s so hot, high and dry, like a sandstorm in a blazing hot desert.

The salient feature of this reading is the non-appearance of Water cards. Having seen this a lot, both in readings for myself and for others, I’ve come to think that it means that there is no going with the flow, no acceptance, no relinquishing, no belief, no trust. As I said just before: only struggle and urges. In fact, the only Earth card in the reading is the Devil. We are anchored to each other, we feel trapped. Not a great scenario.

The 7 of Wands for me is the card of the person who puts too much chilli in their soup then complains it’s too hot. They also always feel like the world is against them. It mirrors the Devil on a mundane level. I think that in any relationship that’s been through what we’ve been through, there will be a certain amount of jaded feeling, to say the least.

The 2 of Wands is the card of the one who yearns. Also here we see twin flames, the two lion heads. But they are joined at the body like siamese twins.

How does that reflect my inner landscape?

I feel that I am insufficient, locked into myself and my bad mental hygiene routines. I struggle against the effort I give myself, there is no softness, always drive and hot air. Always go, never just chill.

How do I become my own best partner? How do I juice it up, with myself? I want to give myself stability, support, encouragement, peace, validation, acceptance, trust, friendship, and of course satisfaction, feeling of looking back on what I’ve done and feeling good, feeling satisfied with myself, instead of “think what you could have achieved if only you’d really tried”.

There you are: a bit of blogging where I actually tell you what’s going on with me, like an actual diary, for a change.

As always: Thank you, Tarot.

Make Oracle Cards Workshop

I’ve been wanting to hold this workshop for the longest, longest time and finally today it all came together, like a beautiful dream, except of course it was real. Bonus.

Thank you to everyone who showed up, and thank you to all the amazing Spirit Guide specialists in creativity and intuition. Let’s do it again soon.

The Consciousness of Essential Oils

Kim Wilburn hosts online webinars that are so left-field you actually exit the grounds. I have participated in her ancestor communication, spirit guides and of course Tarot teleseminars. Any aromatherapist worth her or his salt can testify that EOs have their own personality, and plant spirit shamanism is a fancy new way to talk about crofters, the people of the village we used to consult in the days before there was such a thing as medicine. Kim’s teleseminars are free to join, so why not join me and hook yourself up to a little plant spirit wisdom? Cleve Backster would thank you for it. Check HERE for all the details.

Thank You Again, Sunday Street.

It’s only when you do 17 live Tarot readings in a day that you can really say whether you and your Tarot Guides have a thing going on. So what has been happening until, well, yesterday actually, is that I felt at the mercy / whim of the Tarot and quite often it just didn’t resonate with the person getting the reading. At first, the more it happened the more freaked out I would get and eventually things could get really awkward and I would have to pack up and go home.

Recently I’ve been reading Tina Zion’s new book, Advanced Medical Intuition, and she states that as a Lightworker you should have the chutzpah (not her actual phrase) to command the Spirits to do your bidding. I like that idea. So yesterday I felt the old, familiar doubts creeping in and, frankly, did one or two pretty whacked-out readings. But then I remembered to summon the exact Guides I needed assertively, and from then on even though I was not literally aflame, then certainly cooking with gas.

So thanks to the team at Yokosuka’s Sunday Street for helping me to do what it takes, finally, to get a clear line to my fabulous Tarot Guides.

Menstruating Is Cleaning Out the Bilges


Having a period is like clearing out the bilges. Yes, it’s tiresome, dirty work, and you are in danger of maxing out your credit card, saying unforgivable sxxt to someone vitally important to you, and / or stepping out dressed in a “symphony of reds”, but at the same time it’s what a girl’s gotta do.

Suddenly all your repressed emotions fly out and splatter all over your nice, clean family / work / social life. Specifically, I’m talking about your opinion of your partner’s particularly annoying sexual proclivities, your children’s least endearing character traits, your friend’s obsessively obsessive self-obsession and your co-workers’ just, just, basic annoyingness. Like whipping off a plaster on a particularly hairy inner thigh, there’s nothing for it but to just get that sucker off and say what you gotta say. In any event, do you have a choice? Mother Nature says: “no.”

Maxine Smilley, shamanic teacher, states that periods are shamanic. I look on menstruation as psychic house-cleaning. Especially since, as women, we often (feel the) need to be better than any man in order to get to the same place, attend to our appearances more, not guffaw like a donkey crossed with a machine gun, not pick under our fingernails or generally be un-ladylike. All that while suffering from stomach cramps, nausea, sciatic pain and anaemia through blood loss. So sometimes the valve just blows and out comes all those little things that you weren’t going to mention because you’re not petty. ALL of those things.

When I see the sign for the priority seat on the train, I’m tempted to add: “Heavily menstruating women” to the list of priority users. Think about it: out of an average 28-day cycle, women are menstruating during 5 of those days. So that means that we are having periods on one day out of five or six. Which also means that one in five to six women you see today is bleeding like a stuck pig, all the while acting as if nothing were and risking white trousers.

Actually, I count my period as a blessing. Although, frankly, as I don’t have a choice, why not? But think about it: when all the muck from your psyche-sump has sprayed out and redecorated your life like Jackson Pollock attached to a helicopter rotary, do you feel a certain catharsis? Of course you do. Better out than in, never apologise never explain and so on. Well, that’s my excuse, and like the wing of a sanitary towel attached to a stray pube so that every step feels like a bikini wax, I’m sticking to it.

Beginners’ Tarot Course, Lesson 12

I can’t believe that it’s finally over. This Sunday I send out the final lesson of the Beginners’ Tarot Course. The course will be available online indefinitely for people who subscribe to my newsletter, and sign up for the course.

In the mean time, here is a picture of me writing the last lesson. In the distance, you can see Yokohama and perhaps further away Kawasaki. Today you can’t see Tokyo, though, as it’s too hazy. Feelin’ that.