Buddha means: The One Who Is Awake


All esoteric systems are based not on zoning out and going “out there with the fairies” (no pun intended), but in staying very aware and focused on your work, from Neo-Pagan rituals to shamanic travels. Being an Ace Tarot Pro means staying awake to the client, being the channel between the voice of the Tarot and the ears of the client. Tune out for just a moment and the confidence of the subject disappears.

In the picture above, Shepard Fairey asks us to stay awake. This means switch off your TV and keep it off; be aware, very aware, of the power advertising has on you, and take care of what you put in your bodies, how you sedate yourself, and what you eat. Peace be with you. Just don’t fall asleep.

What does it mean to be bored? What does it mean to be hungry? What does it mean to sacrifice yourself for another being’s sake? Switching off your television is the opposite of being bored. Not doping yourself with games or excess food is not being bored or hungry. Being hungry is fine, if you know that you are going to eat when you need to. Not eating meat to avoid the torture to death of animals for your sake, to avoid buying into that system, that is not really sacrifice. That’s just sanity, being awake to the consequences of your action.

It’s possible to say that anyone who does any esoteric work at all, from the smallest ritual practice to ceremonial magic is plugging themselves into the network of energy of this planet. Eating meat that you have not killed yourself, where there is no bond of gratitude and sacrifice, is contrary to that.

Coming from a place where I was doped out on so many things for years on end, I am testifying to the superiority of this feeling, this energy. It doesn’t take effort to do this, to be aware of what you are doing. It’s like the opposite of taking energy, it’s more like freewheeling, not having to even think about it.

Throw away your television, your console(s), your meat-eating habits, your dope. You are being controlled through them, your life is no longer your own. Choose awareness, do not allow yourself to be sedated, stay awake. We are all Buddhas.