9 Easy Ways to Increase Publicity for Your Professional Tarot Services from Benebell Wen

I came upon Benebell Wen’s blog post on learning to read Tarot cards while looking up Golden Dawn astrological associations online for my soon-to-be-published Udemy Tarot course. Perusing through the 3 categories of readers (beginner, yes, pass, intermediate, ok, next, advanced… ok wait what’s this?) I came across a document she shares for free about how to make $50K p/a as a Tarot reader. Was my interest piqued? Never before has it been quite so piquedy-piqued, I can assure you of that.

And, furthermore, I was fascinated by the eponymous 9 point plan (click picture) to get yourself out there and making waves, and by golly I just had to share it with you. If you have an interest in becoming a professional in any esoteric field, this post is the best I have ever read on how to do just that. And did I mention already that it’s free? There are tons of accompanying extras to help you, like a course in Tarot reading success. I’m fo sho going to do this. Thank you very much, Benebell Wen.

Join me?

Court Cards – you can’t live with them and you can’t shoot them.

A lot of people have a big fat problem when it comes to Court Cards in the Tarot. As a Tarot teacher I usually advise my students to match each Court Card profile to a person they know, a celebrity, a character from a book or a film. That way, you get to know the Court Cards as individual personalities, which I think makes it a whole lot easier to relate to them and understand what they mean if / when they pop up in a reading. I made a series of YouTube videos and you can watch them via the link on my website HERE.

As you know if you read my post about the Tarot blogs I follow, one of my favourite Tarot writers is Kate, the Daily Tarot Girl. Her latest post was as usual hilarious, irreverent and a strong blast of insight into the Tarot. So if you have ishuze with the Court Cards, I strongly suggest you hop on over to her blog, have a good laugh and never worry about those pesky little buggers ever again. Check it out HERE.

Other Tarot Blogs I Love

Two Sides Tarot showing Lioness Oracle Tarot.

I was thinking about just how cool and groovy (yes people still say that) my blog is and thinking I wonder who else is out there in the Tarot blog world that’s sassy and classy (yes they say that also) like me. So I had a little hunt around and found this collection of amazing people.

Camelia Elias

Insightful, masterful, no bullshit, eloquent. Tarot, magic and more.

Mystic Medusa

Basically an Astro blog, but oh my gosh! So insightful and accurate you’ll think she’s been stalking you! Tons of Tarot goodness also.

Daily Tarot Girl

Oh my gosh there is sooo much to read on this blog – great if you have a good few hours on a train. I really liked her Guilty Pleasures post. I wanted to add my ha’penny’s worth but I think the comments were closed. Very funny and cool lady.

Tarot Thrones

All about the Courts. People do actually freak out when you say: “Ok it’s time to learn the Courts”. Still no idea why, IMHO they are much easier to interpret than some of the Majors – yes, Wheel of Fortune, Justice and High Priestess, I’m looking at you! But about Tarot Thrones, it’s not about the GoT deck that came out recently, but still a very enjoyable and thought-provoking read and very helpful and grounding when it comes to the Courts.

Little Red Tarot

This one has the most amazing shop. They have all the decks I have my eye on, and some I’ve never seen before that have jumped on to the queue. The writing is smart and sharp and there is tons to peruse and enjoy.

Little Fox Tarot

This is by far the most stylish of them all. She has a Tarot mixtape made by Theresa Reed and an interview with Rachel Pollack. All you need to know, really.

Two SidesTarot

A great selection of articles and interviews for new readers and advanced. Also some really awesome decks.

Kelly-Ann Maddox

So many freebies to enjoy and so much insight into the Tarot. Highly recommended.

And now it’s your turn! What Tarot blogs do you enjoy? Write your favourites in the box below.

Mary K. Greer’s Tarot Blog

From Mary K. Greer’s Tarot Blog

I like getting blog posts in my mail, mainly because I’m super lazy and just want everything to land in my lap without going to the 1st world hassle of looking on a feed reader. Sigh.

Looking around the internet and seeing what other Tarotists do, TBH I’m not always that impressed with the standard of writing or the relevance of what’s being said. A lot of people just spout stuff they have read elsewhere which is so cringe-makingly wrong that you just wonder how they are going to be able to look at themselves in the mirror when they realise what a boo-boo they’ve made. Yikes. Some Tarot pros mainly post readings that they’ve done for themselves hoping prospects will find them searingly insightful, and then book a reading with them. Why yes, I have been watching John Oliver, why do you ask?

Mary K. Greer’s Tarot Blog is not like that. She’s a real Tarot scholar and a real Tarot lover, which to my mind is one super-duper combination. Not only that, but her posts are relevant, original, well-written and based on research she has actually done herself; and you get her blog posts in the mail, so you can read them over breakfast. Thank you and good morning!

How To Make It As A Tarot Reader

I read a few posts on how to make it as a Tarot pro recently (eg: on biddytarot.com HERE) and thought I would add to the discussion. So, even though I wouldn’t describe myself as having made it, here are some strategies that have worked for me so far:

  • Above everything else, keep on keeping on. Be the one who shows up, time after time, week after week. It’s a long way to the top so bring some Kendal Mint Cake.
  • Always be carrying a Tarot deck. You never know.
  • Eat, sleep, think Tarot. When other people are cruising around YouTube looking at Kittens Meeting Babies For The First Time videos, you are writing blog posts, reading Tarot books and shuffling your cards.
  • Start your own Meetup group, and / or be known locally as “The Tarot Card Reader”. Be a real flesh and blood person, go to flea markets and street parties and festivals, set up your booth and let people see you do your thing.
  • Have a well-designed business card, a banner for when you do shows, flyers etc. Invest in yourself and get the job done properly by hiring a graphic designer. Look like a pro, feel like a pro, be a pro, be seen as a pro, you get the picture. I just visited a website where the top banner wasn’t displaying properly, only half was visible. That doesn’t look professional and I immediately clicked away.
  • Post regularly and frequently, no matter what. It doesn’t seem to matter which platform you use, choose the one that appeals to you most. If you can post every day, so much the better. But be consistent – see the first item on this list.
  • Don’t get hung up on your platform too much, and really, why go to the trouble and expense of a properly-designed and hosted site if you can get the techs at Facebook to do it for you?I have two websites, but I know some very successful Tarot readers who don’t have any website at all and just use social media. Learning how to do WordPress takes a lot of time, time you could be spending doing Tarot readings, writing your Tarot blockbuster or devising your sell-out Tarot course.
  • Be generous. If you want to be a Tarot card reader, read Tarot cards. If you want to obsess about your “worth”, pay Forbes to get you in one of their editorial spots – yes, that’s a thing. So if people want freebies and discounts give it to them. The more Tarot goodness there is in the world, the better, right? Also, goodwill counts for a lot.
  • Give extra value. For example, if you do a Skype reading, send screenshots with the card names and positions afterwards. Encourage clients to record and photograph everything. Encourage them to ask questions about the reading afterwards. Look like you actually enjoy the process of giving readings.
  • Anticipate no-shows from time to time. Not everyone is a superstar all the time.
  • Be clear about your limitations. Before I give a reading face to face to someone for the first time, I always get them to read THIS page, and confirm in an email that they’ve done it.
  • Be kind and give the best possible reading every time. People want Tarot readings most often because they have some problem they can’t deal with in any other way. See THIS page for details.
  • Make it easy for them. Check and recheck to make sure everything is as simple and clear as it can be: the reading, your fees, what to expect, how to pay, etc. Don’t use one paragraph when you can use a 3-word sentence. Another couple of examples: don’t have a website / blog that people can only view if they are subscribers, and don’t have a website where there are only pictures for your blog posts and no blog post titles. It may seems obvious to you, but it might seems insanely complicated and annoying to someone else.
  • Be a person of quality. There is always some joker who can give shoddy, half-arsed work with pour gramer and spelijng,. Use a spell-checker, read it over, then read it again aloud. If it doesn’t sound right, it isn’t. Take great photos, use a photo editor to write the card names / position names. Is your reading the best it could possibly be? Check your website for errors: log out, and view it as an outsider. Is it easy to read? View it on a mobile device, view it on a PC if you are normally a Mac user, or vice versa. People don’t want to look at something that’s shoddily done and looks like you are only in it for the money.
  • Where are you going to give the readings? Are you happy with a constant stream of strangers coming in and out of your house? How will your family / flat mates feel about that? Are you ok going to some stranger’s house? I’ve done that and left in a hurry and in fear for my life – really, no joke! If you’re giving a reading in a public space, for example a café, consider your client’s privacy. Believe me, all the people at neighbouring tables will want to listen in. If you hire a space, it might end up costing you a lot in space hire fees and in travel expenses to and from your destination. Where you are based determines where you can SAFELY give readings. I use a large family restaurant because you don’t have to book and you are guaranteed to get a table, you can just have one coffee without ordering a whole meal, the tables are in booths so my client gets privacy, and the staff doesn’t mind if you get paid for your Tarot services – that might be a problem with some café owners.
  • Check your site stats. What pages receive the fewest / no clicks? Delete them.
  • Think about how much you might be able to charge as a reader, and how much you need to live on. Think about how you might feel giving two or more Tarot readings every single day, going to fairs and meeting clients, especially in the evenings and at weekends when most people have free time. Can you see how the above scenario does not necessarily add up to a comfortable way of life with enough time for socialising? So if you love Tarot and want to make it your job, you need to find a way to get paid enough money to live on with hours that suit you. You could write Tarot books, offer online classes, sell Tarot decks, crystals, etc. or spend a few years making a Tarot deck. Basically, do the maths, be realistic. How are you going to make it work in reality? How do the Big Guns do it? They have affiliate schemes, advertisements on their sites, Tarot decks, books… there are many, many ways of making money with Tarot. But just giving Tarot readings only might not be your highway to a fun and viable way of life, at least not without thought, planning, and a lot of time. As Tom Benjamin says, the market for Tarot readers just isn’t that big. How else might you be able to use your skills to make money?
  • Use the Tarot as a business tool. Do readings for yourself and use the Tarot to create an excellent business plan. What are your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats? Should you advertise? If so, where? The Tarot is your business partner, so why not give it a say in how the business is being run?
  • Anticipate to flatline for a couple of years or more. Yes, I said years. Bridget Esselmont advises to be looking at 10 years minimum before you can start to make it into a realistic income. Look at her site, see how she has worked to make it just right for her.

If you really love Tarot, you’ll be the one who makes it because for you, being a clear channel for the Tarot and getting Tarot goodness out into the world is the most important thing, right?

John Allen’s Chaldean Decan Diagram on Completely Joyous

If you haven’t been to Joy Vernon’s Completely Joyous Tarot and Reiki blog, I suggest you do that soon. She has a great subscription feature called Blog Hop where you can see the best of the Tarot blogs she follows. Here’s hoping that one day Star Tarot may also be on the list, although I think the blogs she follows actually do a lot of commenting and postulating (yes, I really said that) on aspects of Tarot, whereas I just offer springboards; at least, that’s the way I think of it.

Anyway, I loved the Chaldean Decan diagram because it’s sooo much easier to read than mine – not difficult – and what pretty colours. The link to John Allen’s site is broken, though.