Healing the Emotional Body

So as we learned from Candace Pert, the emotions are stored in the physical body. When we experience an emotion, our mind registers what is going on outside and all around and we also get a physical sensation in our body. Together, these make a memory. The return of this sensation, it could be a burning sensation in your stomach, or an aching in your back or arms, reminds you of a certain time or place. However, we don’t associate memory with our physical body. If we have an unpleasant memory, we push it away, and that’s natural. But, like a small child who wants a croissant in the supermarket on a Saturday at 11.45, this memory is not going to go away unless you accept it, you acknowledge it’s need to be heard. Pam Grout calls this “the most tenacious singing telegram in the universe”, because basically this emotion is not going to stop ringing the doorbell of your consciousness until you let it in and hear the message.

Yes, emotions and memories are all mixed up in a big unholy mess. Just like a broken leg or a cut finger, if you don’t attend to painful memories they are really not just going to heal themselves, you know. But how do you go about really reaching in there and doing the work? Teal’s video reveals all.

What for me was so exceptional about this was the way that Pam Grout, Candace Pert, Edain McCoy and my teacher Zen Master Dae Gak all live together in here. Edain McCoy wrote Advanced Witchcraft, in which she explains the idea of a threshold. These are life tests that we are doomed to repeat ad infinitum until we can really understand how to navigate to a higher, better version of ourselves. Hint: it’s not about ignoring the problem and hoping it goes away.

From a Zen perspective, if you can ever talk about Zen which I think is kind of impossible, but here I am going for it anyway: nothing is either desirable or undesirable, nothing is painful or pleasurable, to set up opposites is to chase your tail, to differentiate is to walk into a trap. To investigate, really analyse, live and breathe experiences, emotions, without denying or differentiating, that’s the soul of enquiry.

To be a whole, integrated person is to accept yourself fully, and that means your history and everything and everybody that made you who you are today. Do not shy away from this essential work. And if you happen to meet Teal along the road, please say thank you from me.