How to Get the Best Value from Your Tarot Reading

Image: Toni’s Tarot

Here’s a quick list of points to consider if you’re thinking of getting a Tarot reading, from a Tarot reader’s perspective.

  • Show up on time.
  • Try to have a question. Do not ask for a general reading, because you will get unclear, fuzzy answers. If you can’t think of a question you want answering, that’s fine. The Tarot reader should be able to do that for you anyway. Perhaps you could spend your allotted time getting several small readings, so you can drill down and get more specific about certain topics.
  • Do not say: “Well, you’re the fortune teller, you tell me what I want to know” in a sneery voice. Work with them. Imagine if you went to the doctor and when she / he said: “So, what seems to be the problem?” you said: “Well, you’re supposed to be a healthcare provider, you tell me what’s wrong, hur hur.” See, it just doesn’t work, does it? Show your respect and people will show their respect back to you, as in all things. Plus which, your Tarot reader is probably a witch also. You wouldn’t want to get turned into a horny-backed toad, now would you?
  • Choose a reader who looks like she / he enjoys reading Tarot. What does their website say about them? Ask them about why they do Tarot. Do their eyes light up when they talk about it?
  • Choose an ethical reader, someone who will not give a reading for a person who has not given their permission, even if that’s exactly what you want. Ethical readers give the best readings, because they are more serious about their craft, even if they are uptight about it. End of story.
  • Once you have established what your question is, work with the reader to get the information you need. Do not be left at the end of the session with more questions than you started with.
  • Find a reader who has clear information about themselves on their website, who is clear about their prices and what kind of questions they are comfortable working with or not working with. A lot of readers offer money back if you are not satisfied. That’s a good mark of trust.
  • If you are worried about cold readings – charlatans who pretend to know about you based on what you look like – or hot readings – charlatans who find out about you before the reading (like stalking you online) and use that information to make the reading seem all the more spookily accurate – calm down. The Tarot cards will tell you what you need to know, whoever is giving the reading.
  • Don’t ask for a free reading. Value the work you are getting. If you don’t value it the cards won’t be accurate for you next time. If you are exchanging a reading for feedback, don’t be a chump, give the feedback in a timely manner.
  • Take pictures and / or record the session. I’ve been reading the Tarot for decades and I still take notes every time I get a reading from someone else. You will most definitely forget everything, so make a record of it.
  • A good Tarot reader will be happy to answer questions after the reading, so don’t hesitate to ask. If the reader refuses to do that, then avoid them next time.

Any comments? What did you do to get a great Tarot reading? Any recommendations? Leave a comment below.

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