I’m going inside. I may be some time.


There’s nothing like a period to fully resent everything. I know I’m annoying and I cry a lot but a whole heap of useless viewpoints and habits come slewing off during this time. I see it as a reset button, being in the service of the Goddess. It’s painful going back to zero, but that’s winter for you.

In some parts of the world, menstruating women sleep with the livestock. The men say it’s because they are unclean, but secretly t’s the women’s opportunity to get away from the endless round of food preparation, child-rearing, cleaning and other duties imposed on them. Phew.

Humans are the only female animals who permit sex during menstruation. And if you think about it, statistically one in every six women you meet between the ages of 13 to 55 is menstruating right now.

I may be hiding out, but like a snake that has just shed it’s skin I’ll be so much better when I’m back.