Is Tarot Evil?

In the Tarot there are 78 cards, some of which are very gentle and sweet, some of which are extremely harsh and scary. So why would anyone want to use a system that has frightening images? Could the Tarot be evil?

Devil card from Lady Freida Harris and Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot

Firstly, let’s get the facts straight. The Tarot was devised by the Visconti-Sforza family of Milan in around 1420, as a catechism tool for the young ladies of the house. It was designed in the same way as flashcards, to teach Higher Christian Virtues, such as Temperance, inner Strength and the value of quiet meditative prayer. So if you are thinking that the Tarot comes from a place of paganism and heresy, allow me to disabuse you.

Tarot for Cats – image from

So we hear about Tarot of Cats and Erotic Tarot decks that are available now, how does that relate to early Renaissance christianity? Basically, the format is the same, it’s the delivery style that’s different. So what do we use the Tarot for?

Think about what you would say if you knew that your best friend’s boyfriend was a scumbag. Would you tell her? Would you say: “I really dislike that guy. At the risk of sounding clingy and possessive, I think he’s a total tool and you should get get away from him as soon as.” See, the Tarot would say that, and that would be news she would listen to, because the Tarot is obviously impartial. How could it not be? If you lay it on the line to your friend, she might think you’re jealous of her romance, or that you secretly fancy her bf and can’t stand to see the two of them together, in fact a whole array of possible bad things might cross her mind. But if she sees the Knight of Swords rushing away from the Queen of Disks, now that might well change her mind about him.

Knight of Swords from

But now let’s imagine a different scenario, one in which a friend is herself behaving like a jerk, and you know that her destructive habits and mind-set are actually slowly ruining her, and impacting badly on the people around her. Just how many times could you point that out to her, no matter how gently, without sounding like a complete pain in the tushie? I think very soon she would start ignoring your texts and that would be that, she would be out of your reach and on her own. But if she saw the Devil card laid out in front of her in a Tarot reading, chances are she’s going to sit up and pay attention. That sucker looks EEEEVILLL!

That’s why we have some strong cards in the Tarot, to show us who we really are, and what a jerk we are being at the moment. What a gift.

I fancy myself as quite intelligent, in that I think I’m not stupid, and if you read a few blog posts on this site you might agree with me. Also, I feel that I’m not a deluded person. I make judgements based on actual, concrete, physical evidence that I test for myself. I’m also really, really not evil. I pray several times every day. I reject and repel the darkness, negativity, shadow. I’m a healer, I channel only the Light. Check MY HEALING WEBSITE for more info on that. I use Tarot cards because they work. They give the best guidance and prediction for individuals. I would never use a system that hurt or harmed anyone.


And after over 25 years of Tarot practice, I can tell you that the Tarot has never, ever advised anyone to do something immoral or something that would harm them. For example, once a woman asked me if she should divorce her husband and move in with a new guy. The Tarot said that she should think seriously about her long-term future plans, for both her and her baby, and stick with her present guy, the one that was going to give her the stability that she needed for the time being. See, that’s perfect guidance, right? And it’s always right, consistently.

The Devil card, the Hanged Man, the Tower, they are all hard bitch-slaps to tell you to wake up to what is going on around you and within you.

I strongly believe that the Tarot is an excellent hotline to your higher self. I seriously think that people spend years in therapy to get the answers that the Tarot could give them in an afternoon. Your higher self is constantly trying to guide and steer you, but hearing it’s voice is kinda tricky in this era of Candy Crush Saga and Game of Thrones. Actually, I’m a huge Thrones fan, so that’s no criticism, it’s just a way of saying that nowadays there is so much mind-crackle to contend with that it’s hard to find that quiet space inside ourselves and just listen for a damn minute to what our inner voice is saying. The Tarot cuts through the interference like a hot knife through butter. It’s up to you what you do with that information.

So, what have we just said? We said that the Tarot is probably a clear line for the voice of your Higher Self. We said that it consistently gives guidance and prediction based on what is right for you, aligning you with the fastest, clearest, most loving and light-filled channel for growth and healing. As to how it could possibly be up to 80% accurate in every reading, you’ll have to wait for another blog post to read my opinion on that.

So if Tarot was so great, why doesn’t everyone do it? I guess you could say that it’s slightly embarrassing to be doing Tarot. People of all genders and walks of life, of all ages and beliefs, have asked me for a Tarot reading. People do get Tarot readings, they just don’t talk about it.

What has your experience of having or giving Tarot readings been? Have you ever experienced darkness or guidance that wasn’t in line with your highest good? Or have you, like me and all other Tarot readers I’ve ever met, only received the purest, most helpful guidance and prediction? Leave your comments below.

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