Beginners’ Tarot Course

Image from Kat Black’s Golden Tarot

I am currently writing a Udemy course, which will be ready at the end of this summer.

  • This is the ideal course for you if you want to learn the meanings of the Tarot cards in a supportive, fun and interactive environment.
  • The course consists of 12 lessons, delivered as study pages, online seminars and videos
  • This course is for absolute beginners, and people wanting to brush up their existing skills.


Lesson Date Topic Place
1 TBA Introduction to the Tarot
* What is the Tarot for?
* Tarot deck styles
* "bad" cards
2 TBA Majors 0 – 6 Online lesson page
3 TBA Elemental dignities Online lesson page
4 TBA Majors 7 – 14 Online lesson page
5 TBA History of the Tarot Group input lesson
6 TBA Majors 15 – 21 Online Seminar
7 TBA Different Spread Styles Video
8 TBA Court Cards Video
9 TBA Pips Ace to 5 Online lesson page
10 TBA What Kind of Tarot Reader Are You? online quiz
11 TBA Pips 6 to 10 Forum
12 TBA Final Quiz online questionnaire


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