Lesson 10

In this lesson, we will discuss giving Tarot readings to others

I have organised this like a quiz. Choose ALL the answers that you think might apply – more than one per question is fine! Then read the profiles and decide which reading style is best for you.

Have fun.

Question Answer
1. You like give Tarot readings at your place because: c. the client is shy and would feel more secure at your place than in a café.
b. it's too troublesome to go anywhere.
d. you only do Tarot for yourself and people you know very well.
a. it's a nice place and all your cards / crystals / books are to hand if need be.
2. You give Tarot readings in a cafe because: b. your house is too messy.
a. You know such a nice one.
d. you're not comfortable inviting people into your private space.
c. somehow an impersonal space would help your client relax.
3. You decided to give a Tarot reading at your place so you: b. prepare nothing because why should you anyway. She might even bring something herself.
d. prepare nothing because you don't like people coming to your house.
a. bring out your best china and make your grandmother's secret cake recipe.
c. have a pot of tea ready and a few snacks. It's more welcoming.
4. A friend says she would like to have a reading and asks you to send it via email so you: a. write ten pages because there is just so much to say about each card and how they fit together.
c. write 4 pages max because any more would be overwhelming and take pictures of the actual cards you used in the reading.
d. feel awkward about your writing style and spend hours and hours rewriting because you're worried she won't understand.
b. write something in the body of an email and save the pictures so you can recycle them for the next reading.
5. Later your friend answers your email reading and says she doesn't understand one point so you: d. don't answer. What do you really have to say anyway?
b. don't answer. It's too much hassle and she didn't even pay you.
c. answer in a way that encourages even more questions.
a. answer with another 5 pages explaining the Astrological and Kabbalistic meanings more deeply. If she doesn't get it it's too bad – you only want to deal with intelligent people anyway.
6. A client asks to have a Skype reading with you so you: a. Spend 2 hours explaining all the cards on the table in detail.
c. have everything set up and send photos after the reading of the spreads you used. You give them one hour because any more would be too much information anyway.
d. have everything set up and ready in a way that there is no way anyone could possibly see any detail of your house or you.
b. say OK but as the reading is starting realise you have no idea how to set up the camera so the client will be able to see the cards clearly.
7. What deck do you use for the reading? d. Rider Waite Smith. It's the only deck I own.
b. Whatever I've got to hand.
c. I always bring at least 2 decks so that the client can choose.
a. Marseille of course. It's the most authentic and you it shows how intuitive you are now.
8. The cards you draw in the reading predict death/doom/disaster/all 3. Do you: d. Gloss over the worst. What do you know about what she's going through anyway?
c. Give her the bad news but make sure it's in a way that maximises her sense of self-power. You've done some counselling training in preparation for just such a moment.
b. Just skirt around the gruesome bits. Who needs to know that stuff anyway?
a. explain in clear detail just where the client is going wrong in their life and the negative impact she is having on the people around her. You're the kind of reader who names the elephant in the room!
9. You use reversals in your readings a. because anything else would be sloppy.
c. because the client asked you to.
b. because that's just the way the cards fall (but actually you haven't learned the meanings of the reversals – you're still winging it.)
d. because it sounds less pretentious than talking about Elemental Dignities
10. Your client calls you in the middle of the night in hysterics over a bad breakup and wants a reading RIGHT NOW!!! so you: a. give her a reading right there and then because you're a pro.
d. give her a reading right there and then because you want to get it over with.
b. tell her to wait till the morning. You need your beauty sleep.
c. tell her to wait till the morning. She won't be able to take anything in now anyway.
11. You're in a bar drinking tequila with your friends and one of them asks for a Tarot reading so you: a. give them all readings. It's a fun way to exercise your skills and knowledge.
d. don't give a reading. The idea of giving public readings makes you want to cry.
c. don't give a reading. Who's going to remember it at this late hour anyway?
b. maybe give one of them a reading – it's your rest time after all.
12. Your friend offers you money for your Tarot readings. Do you: b. say yes. It's such an easy and fun way to make money.
a. say yes. You know your worth.
d. say no but accept another kind of payment – cakes or biscuits for example.
c. say yes. Doctors and nurses get paid so why shouldn't other helping professionals?
13. You decide that you want to ask money for your Tarot readings every time so you: a. ask for $100 for a reading. You know your worth.
b. ask for what you think you could get.
c. ask for what you think you are worth but within what you think most clients can afford.
d. don't ask for money because it's embarrassing.
14. You decide you want to make Tarot your living so you: d. do nothing. It's never going to happen anyway.
b. have a Facebook profile because it's easiest.
c. set up a website / do live events / build a solid presence and set your goal to go full time in 5 to 10 years' time.
a. set up a WordPress website and get lots of Tarot accreditations plus mentoring from a Tarot professional. You offer readings teaching and mentoring because you already know so much about Tarot.

Mostly A: Little Miss Big-Head.

Minus point: Your main goal is to show the world just how amazing YOU are. Try to see the world from the subject’s point of view and keep your ego out of the reading.

Plus point: You know A LOT about the Tarot and different systems that overlap and combine. You could write a book about it and use your knowledge as a resource for others.

Mostly B: Little Miss Lazy.

Minus Point: Tarot is an easy way to make a living. You’re not that fussed about the etiquette or quality of your readings. Understand that people who go to Tarot for guidance are in a pinch and they deserve to get your best effort, not what’s easiest and most convenient for you.

Plus Point: People appreciate your laid-back reading style and flexible attitude. You are a relaxing person to get a reading from. Your main plus point is you can put people at their ease.

Mostly C: Little Miss Altruism.

Minus Point: You are uptight about the rules and ethics of Tarot and tend to sacrifice your time and effort to give the subject the best possible reading. Relax, already! Nobody likes the smell of burning martyr.

Plus Point: You are interested in helping people and spreading the goodness of the Tarot around to the world. Good for you! You are an excellent Tarot reader, giving accurate, compassionate readings.

Mostly D: Little Miss Shy.

Minus Point: If you hate the idea of giving Tarot readings for other people, don’t do it! If someone asks you for a Tarot reading, tell them the name of another Tarot reader you know – no need to torture yourself!

Plus Point: You are an accurate and insightful reader. You would be amazing at giving readings to intimate friends and family members.