Free Tarot Reading Critique

Image from the Waite – Trinnick Abiding in the Sanctuary Tarot deck, available on the British Museum website. Click the image to view the full collection.

Do you wish you could get really candid, honest feedback on your Tarot readings?

Do you wish that someone with decades of Tarot reading and teaching experience could have a look at your reading and give you the low-down on what was really great, and what was sucky? Well, my dear Tarot friend, you have come to the right place.

Starting this month, I’m giving one free critique every week.

Here’s how it works:

  • You email me with your Tarot reading.
  • The reading MUST include a photo of the cards you used, with the layout / spread you used, and the question for the reading, if there was one.
  • The word limit is 1,000 – that’s quite a lot, actually.
  • Your reading and picture, plus my feedback, will be published on this page. You can be anonymous if you like!
  • You post about the critique on the social media channel of your choice, linking back to this page.

Sounds good? Email me and let’s get the party started.


Let's talk about it

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