How To Be A Great Tarot Reader

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How to be a great Tarot reader: (in no particular order)

  1. “Look! No Book!” Do my Beginners’ Tarot Course. Invest in yourself as a Tarot reader, take yourself seriously as a professional.
  2. Practice meditation. This is the foundation of all and any inner life. Only with regular mindfulness practice you have the presence of mind or stability to clearly channel the voice of the Tarot. Hate meditation? Here is my article about meditation, for people who hate the whole idea of it.
  3. It’s NEVER about you. Take yourself out of the reading. The reading has nothing to do with you, or how much you know. It’s not about your erudition or your insight. It’s about the client. ALL sentences should begin with: “You”.
  4. Keep it short. A client’s attention wanes after 9 or 10 cards. Make everything as clear and concise as you can. A Tarot reading is a lot to take in, especially for someone who is overwhelmed by their situation, and might not know very much about the Tarot.
  5. Encourage the client to record an in-person session with a voice recorder and a camera. Most likely they will have forgotten almost everything by the next day. What a waste of time and money!
  6. Encourage the client to ask questions after a reading. Don’t be a meanie. Build meaningful relationships with your Tarot clients. You could also have a feedback form, and you could check up on your clients a week or so after the reading and check if they want to ask any questions.
  7. Get accredited counselling skills and practice them all the time. People tend to get a Tarot reading because they are stuck and need answers. They might be in some emotional trouble. Learn how to listen so that the client feels heard without judgement.
  8. Practice Tarot, a lot. Try to do 3 or 4 readings a week for a year or more. Get feedback!
  9. Learn the meanings of the cards, according to several people – read several books. Practice and feedback will let you know how right or wrong you are with your theory of what the cards mean.
  10. Learn some myths, also fairy stories, world religion, epics. Be able to insert a myth or story into your reading at any time.
  11. Do not do readings for someone who has not given their permission, no matter how tempting.
  12. Do not ask for a question, don’t expect a question. Flex your Tarot muscles.
  13. Look at the cards. What way are they facing? How does one card evolve into another? Is it a stage with several players? Is it a comic strip? Go beyond the meanings of the cards. You can give an amazing Tarot reading by just using the images as metaphors and Elemental Dignities.
  14. Be sure of yourself. Don’t use maybe or perhaps. Trust yourself.
  15. Trust the Tarot. The more you trust and respect the Tarot, the more accurate your readings will become.
  16. Be a symbol reader at every moment. Remember: everything is a sign. “Read” a table: how many plates / pentacles? How many cups? Knives / swords? Forks / Wands? Always be reading. Watch Enrique Enrique’s film Tarology.
  17. Hang out with other readers. Watch what they do. Copy them. Learn from them, especially if they have a totally different reading style from yours. Be a Tarot magpie.
  18. Use several decks. Don’t limit yourself to one deck, or one style. Use Oracles and Lenormand and more. Use several decks in one reading.
  19. See the “I don’t know” moment in a reading as a blessing. This is when you access something very special inside yourself. Cherish it.
  20. Teach. You don’t really know something until you can teach it.
  21. Make Tarot cards or a rattle bag.
  22. Keep a dream diary.
  23. Investigate other divination methods.
  24. Read an email reading aloud before you send it.
  25. Wait a few hours / overnight before checking an email reading again, then send it.
  26. Be kind. Be kind. Always be kind in the reading. Never judge.

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