Private Tarot Lessons

All the Aces from Mamanmiyuki’s Tarot de Marseille.

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What are private Tarot lessons?

Receive personalised, one-on-one tutoring to take your Tarot readings to the next level. You could be a total beginner or have several decades’ of experience and there would always be more to know.

Get advice on all aspects of your Tarot readings: card interpretation, reading delivery and style, effective channelling of the voice of the Tarot and more of course!

  • One session is great for specific questions that you may have about Tarot and being a Tarot reader, for example evaluating your Tarot website, how to interpret scary cards or how to read Court Cards.
  • Four sessions are great for building a connection and deeper, ongoing training and mentoring, such as learning Tarot from scratch, refining your reading style, or channelling the voice of the Tarot effectively.


In person – Tokyo, Yokohama or Yokosuka.

1 x 1 hour = ¥ 5,000 JPY
4 x 1 hour = ¥ 15,000 JPY

(Not including travel expenses from Yokosuka Chuo.)

Skype / Facetime / other VoIP:

1 x 1 hour = $ 40.00 USD
4 x 1 hour = $ 120 USD

Contact me using the email below (your details are safe and will never be shared) with no obligation:

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