Card Meanings


The Hermit from the Pocket Swiss Thoth Tarot deck

There are 3 card types in the Tarot:

  • 22 Major Arcana, also known as Trumps
  • 16 Court cards, the people of the Tarot
  • 40 Minor Arcana, also known as Pips
  • Each of the 78 cards has different meanings, depending on where it is on the table, what cards are near, and how it applies to your current situation.

    Currently I am making tables of card keywords, which will give you a selection of words and phrases to help you to interpret cards and spreads, to a limited degree. Eventually, I would like to have a page for each card.

    Card type Keywords
    Major Arcana Major life themes
    big decisions
    Life crossroads
    Court Cards the people in your life
    your personality in this situation
    the personality of the situation
    the current zeitgeist
    Suit of Swords mental faculties (thoughts / ideas / imagination / memories etc)
    Suit of Cups emotions
    Suit of Wands passions
    the will /what you want
    your daily work
    Suit of Disks money
    things in the tangible world
    your attention / energy / focus etc.