Image: Wall painting from the Villa Stabiae, Roman 30-50BCE. Barbara McMannus collection.

The Cups are the suit of love, yes, but also spirituality, creativity and emotions. These are not the emotions like the passions and impulses of the suit of Wands, because this is a passive suit, the suit of Water. Here, everything is emotions that we feel we receive.

No. Astro Keywords
Ace Water signs (Cancer – Scorpio – Pisces) The Holy Grail
Your cup of love runs over
Emotional creative or spiritual abundance
Reversed or
badly dignified
A storm in a teacup
Your passions run over
Letting your emotions get the better of you
2 Venus in Cancer New love
A new romance
A new creative project
Reversed or
badly dignified
Divorce or temporary separation
A partnership on the rocks
3 Mercury in Cancer Close friendships and bonds
Cooperation based on trust and respect
Friendships among women
Reversed or
badly dignified
Someone is thinking of leaving the group
Friendship lost
4 Moon in Cancer Ennui / lassitude / boredom
Sulky apathetic teenager mode
extreme passivity
Reversed or
badly dignified
Refusal to act
5 Mars in Scorpio The cup of bitterness & regret
Reversed or
badly dignified
Moving on from a painful situation
6 Sun in Scorpio Happy memories
Love between siblings
Emotional generosity
Reversed or
badly dignified
Sibling rivalry
Inability to move on from the past
7 Mars in Scorpio Option paralysis
Spoilt for choice
Inability to choose the right option
Reversed or
badly dignified
Now you know what to do what's holding you back?
8 Saturn in Pisces Moving on after heartbreak
Journeys and travel
Counseling / Therapy
Reversed or
badly dignified
Inability to face inner trouble
Canceled travel plans
9 Jupiter in Pisces Parties
Wish fulfillment
Easygoing fun times with no responsibilities
Reversed or
badly dignified
Not appreciating your good fortune
Canceled party
10 Mars in Pisces Perfect fulfillemt
Comfort and stability
Reversed or
badly dignified
An over-abundance of luxury
Lack of appreciation