Hildegard Von Bingen’s spherical earth illumination

Disks are the Minor Arcana suit that correspond to the element Earth. They are the cards associated with material possessions and money, of course, but also everything that you consider to be yours: your time, your attention, your freedom and space, and also your talents and skills. The Disks cards are concerned with everything that is tangible and occurs in the real world, the practical concrete manifestation of plans, without which nothing of substance would ever take place, and everything would remain in the planning, hoping and wishing phase.

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No. Astro Keywords
Ace Earth signs:
* Sudden wealth
* Potential for growth
* Ready to move to a new environment
Reversed or
badly dignified
Wealth or potential delayed or held back
2 Jupiter in Capricorn Inexorable change
Feeling overwhelmed by responsibility
Balancing seriousness with levity
Reversed or
badly dignified
Imbalanced seriousness and playfulness
overcome by life's forces