Meeting Your Power Animal or Spirit Guide

Sandra meditation

At last, a brief and inexpensive meditation to help you connect with your spirit guide or power animal from the website – click on the image to visit the page. This recording basically gets you to the nugget, the essence of how to go about it.

It’s true that there is a lot more to the practice than just what is in the recording. If you are looking for a quick-fix answer to a problem, that this is not the path for you – get a Tarot reading instead! – but as an introduction to the process, this would be as good a place to start as any.

What’s missing from the recording is a warning that not all entities in the lower realms are benign – on the contrary. Even though at the beginning Sandra tells you how to invite only positive and helpful spirit guides, it might be that you come across one that has visible teeth, claws or a threatening or aggressive appearance. Do not engage with this, but reject it, go back to ordinary reality and when you get to the threshold of ordinary reality, you must consciously close the door – visualise yourself closing a door and pulling a curtain across.

If you are called upon by a Spirit to destroy or harm anything, or you feel exhausted and depleted after your encounter with a Spirit you should reject them and get a new one as a matter of urgent and pressing priority. Also if they demand that you worship them as an end in itself, that would be an excellent reason to reject them. This also applies to any religious group that you meet with in the real world.

But of course, if you have set your intention correctly at the beginning of the meditation, that should not happen.

My feeling is that your relationship with your Power Animal or Spirit Guide is long-term, sometimes spanning many lifetimes, and that just occasionally calling upon it to help you in a bind is not satisfying for it. Remember that this is a relationship that should benefit you both. You are the physical incarnation that your Spirit Guide is relying on to act in the real, physical world, and obviously that means for the betterment of the entire universe. Regular (daily) contact with your Spirit Guide, hanging out and chatting – is satisfying to you both. Also, do not be tempted to go on any other-worldly expeditions without your Spirit Guide. It will guide you to where you need to go, and shield you and remove you from harm’s way. So start any journeys with a check-in with your Spirit Guide first.

If you want a really excellent and definitive read on the subject, here is the book you are looking for:

Ted's book

As comprehensive as you could wish for, this is an excellent guide to a fulfilling and mutually beneficial relationship for both you and your Spirit Guide.

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