Odilon Redon Exhibition Tokyo

Image: Odilon Redon Mystical Conversation c. 1896 oil on canvas. Image from curator.com.

I went to the last day (sorry, folks!) of the Odilon Redon exhibition in Tokyo. Art historians complain that Redon famously left very few writings on his work. He said that each work should be experienced by the individual differently from other people. Also, that each painting might elicit a different emotional response on different occasions. He wanted his work to allow the viewer to experience the neumatic, what can only be sensed by the soul and cannot be spoken; he wished for his Art to be experienced as a doorway or access to a higher spiritual truth or alternate spiritual dimension. It’s so much like Tarot. Which card do you think the painting above could be? I wonder that there isn’t an Odilon Redon deck, as we have Klimt and Blake decks. Check out other Odilon Redon paintings. What Tarot cards do they represent for you?

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