“I’ll guide you through,” said the Tarot.


So glad to have the Tarot in my life. When I need guidance, there it is. When I said thank you for the spot-on support that I needed this evening, I got the 6 of Swords, the card of refuge. In Marie White’s Mary-El Tarot, this card shows us the Archangel Raphael guiding two children and a dog. “I’ll guide you to where you need to go,” said the Tarot, in response to my thanks. Wherever would I be without it.

Candace Pert


I’m half way through Molecules of Emotion as I type and found out today that Candace Pert died last year, of a heart attack, apparently. Wow, am I sad. For the first time ever I am tempted to channel the dead through my cards. I am so loving her book, which makes the connection in scientific terms, should one be needed by the CAM community, between the communication systems of the body (neurons, endocrine and immune system) and how the emotions and body systems are linked and influence each other reciprocally. I’m hooked, and can’t wait to read her other two books. Come back soon, Candace. We need you.

Home Again Home Again, Jiggeddy-Jig


Here is a picture of me at Nachi waterfall in Wakayama, Japan, just after having escaped from a typhoon. We had been camping in the rain and had not heard the flood warnings until it was nearly too late! Anyway, Wakayama is the bomb if you love waterfalls, hot springs, swimming in the river, beautiful forest walks and of course visiting epic shrines, like this one.

I hope you all had a fantastic summer, as I did, and I look forward to connecting with you all soon.

Marie Forleo re-programmes the subconscious mind

Dr. Cathy Collautt and Marie talk about becoming subconscious whisperers. Why sedate, corral and try to beat your unconscious? You know it’s probably never going to happen. In this video, we learn how to understand that fears are not to be locked away or shunned, but listened to and taken into account. Watch and learn, people! I know I did.

The Biology of Belief


I have just finished reading Bruce Lipton’s The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles. What’s amazing about this book is the clear and easy way Dr. Lipton presents difficult information on cell biology and histology, so even I could understand. Many thanks for that. Dr. Lipton points out that what we want to believe and what we state as positive affirmations don’t take effect because our beliefs are locked away in the unconscious mind, and it takes years to re-wire those pathways. Of course, that’s good because these mechanisms are what allow us to survive, but when it comes to reprogramming our minds in line with new beliefs it’s a long process.

Where the book fell down for me is that at the beginning we are told that we can change our beliefs to alter our reality to something that is in line with what we want, and that all will be revealed at the end of the book, but all that was revealed was Kinesiologist Rob Williams’ website PSYCH K. Most likely this is a very helpful service, but the power of my consciousness, matter and miracles have not been unleashed.

Teal Swan says that it’s easier to change your core beliefs if you don’t try to jump from A to Z in one go, but if you use stepping stones, and change your beliefs incrementally over time. I can dig that. Watch her explain this HERE. Pam Grout in E Squared explains also how we can change our beliefs, one of her many recommendations is writing postcards to yourself with affirmations like: “The world needs your talent” and “You are worthy of success”. If all of this seems a little artificial, it’s because your unconscious is making a judgement about what is real and what is not real. George Mobus’ research at the University of Washington Tacoma explains more about this in his research paper on Sapience Components.


Meanwhile, back in the microscopic world of cell biology, we learn through Dr. Lipton’s book that cells in a Petri dish are attracted to nutrients and grow towards them, they somehow sense their presence, and conversely they sense the presence of toxins and tend to shrink away from them in self-defence. The conclusions are that we naturally, at a cellular level, gravitate towards our joy, and remove ourselves from harm’s way, and also in the presence of a toxic environment we cannot grow.

I really like Teal Swan

My sister sent me the link to Teal Swan’s YouTube video about suffering; here it is:

Warning, it’s a little heavy, so be prepared! But this woman is on the money 100% about how suffering works and how to deal with it. She is also really pretty! That was kind of amazing for me, because usually spiritual types on YouTube are more gnarly… Watch the vid and let me know what you think about her ideas on my Facebook page.

Buddha means: The One Who Is Awake


All esoteric systems are based not on zoning out and going “out there with the fairies” (no pun intended), but in staying very aware and focused on your work, from Neo-Pagan rituals to shamanic travels. Being an Ace Tarot Pro means staying awake to the client, being the channel between the voice of the Tarot and the ears of the client. Tune out for just a moment and the confidence of the subject disappears.

In the picture above, Shepard Fairey asks us to stay awake. This means switch off your TV and keep it off; be aware, very aware, of the power advertising has on you, and take care of what you put in your bodies, how you sedate yourself, and what you eat. Peace be with you. Just don’t fall asleep.

What does it mean to be bored? What does it mean to be hungry? What does it mean to sacrifice yourself for another being’s sake? Switching off your television is the opposite of being bored. Not doping yourself with games or excess food is not being bored or hungry. Being hungry is fine, if you know that you are going to eat when you need to. Not eating meat to avoid the torture to death of animals for your sake, to avoid buying into that system, that is not really sacrifice. That’s just sanity, being awake to the consequences of your action.

It’s possible to say that anyone who does any esoteric work at all, from the smallest ritual practice to ceremonial magic is plugging themselves into the network of energy of this planet. Eating meat that you have not killed yourself, where there is no bond of gratitude and sacrifice, is contrary to that.

Coming from a place where I was doped out on so many things for years on end, I am testifying to the superiority of this feeling, this energy. It doesn’t take effort to do this, to be aware of what you are doing. It’s like the opposite of taking energy, it’s more like freewheeling, not having to even think about it.

Throw away your television, your console(s), your meat-eating habits, your dope. You are being controlled through them, your life is no longer your own. Choose awareness, do not allow yourself to be sedated, stay awake. We are all Buddhas.

Artwork Tarots


I know I have posted about Adam MacLean’s site already but I have just received the e-mail update today and as I love it so much here is the link again:


Adam sells independently printed artwork a Tarot decks in limited quantities, you will certainly NOT be finding these on Amazon.. This is a must-view site for anybody interested in Tarot.



This great image of Sekhmet comes from Kris Anka’s epic website.

My mother gave me Les Élixirs Floraux de Viviane which, sincerely, is a life-changing read. The author, Viviane Le Moullec, has a super-duper website: http://pistar.chez.com where she has a whole section on Tarot. Warning: this site is entirely in French… However, she gives wonderful attributions for the Tarot cards, one of which is Sekhmet (as in the image above) as Temperence. So what does Sekhmet, Goddess of War, excessive beer consumption and unslakable bloodlust, have to do with Temperence, I wondered?

A few nights after I received the book, I had a dream about a huge – 9 foot tall – Angel. When I asked him his name, he said it was Kamael. This is the Angel of War, the chief of the Powers (Archangels), the one closest to God, his name means: “The One Who Is Seen By God”. Here’s a picture of him now:


In my dream he had short blonde hair, however. The image of an angel with a flaming sword is something I saw in a half-waking dream when I was a child, and this has stayed with me ever since. If you want to know the whole story of the dream I had as a child, I am happy to tell you but I need Patron, lots of Patron.

Camael allows us to go “by any means necessary” to our destination, providing it is righteous and evolutionary in a spiritual sense. Viviane Le Moullec says: La déesse Sekhmet n’est pas seulement la déesse de la guerre, elle est aussi la déesse de la médecine et de la chirurgie. “The Goddess Sekhmet is not only the goddess of war, she is also the goddess of medicine and surgery”. Making better, by any means necessary.

My friend Jyoji says this reminds him of Lord Shiva, destroyer and creator, and I know that this image of a wrathfully but compassionate deity reminds me of my beloved Fu Doo Myou Oo Sama:


Jamie Sams’ Earth Medicine


“Listening Mother, the Clan Mother of the Fifth Moon Cycle, teaches us that all human beings have the potential to hear the still voice within their hearts. We know this voice by the serenity it makes us feel and the joy that fills us when we follow the message it gives. The heart’s voice leads us to the place of inner peace where we are in harmony with who and what we are. This place of inner knowing and at-one-ment cannot be taken away. When we seek the heart’s voice, we reside in rhe safety of being serenely balanced and feeling marvellously alive. The Ancestors called if Tiyoweth, the Stillness. Those who seek it will always find it within.”