Yin and Yang foods chart

With thanks to the Greg Samples site for this great chart.

I’m now reading The Web That Has No Weaver by Ted Kaptchuk, a beautiful, poetic and above all understandable read on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The basic idea is that a cause of the illness is not sought, only the way that the symptoms create disharmony within the healthy body’s patterns, and those imbalances are addressed. My friend Joe H said that “Nowadays, Western medicine is finding that TCM has a lot of benefit” and I said “It’s not surprising since it’s been around for nearly 4,000 years.”

The two main pillars of treatment of TCM are herbs and acupuncture. Sensibly, Mr. Kaptchuk doesn’t have a lot to say about the remedies, so I found the above chart online. There is no mention of chocolate, my daughter noticed.

Lunarium lunar calendar

Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 12.07.37 PM

I love Lunarium, a super free lunar calendar and planetary hour calculator. No login, no member’s area, no fee, also a great newsletter (although eratic, but then: who am I to talk?) and above all no more messing around with a calculator and calendar to work out the precise planetary hour, for us mathematically challenged individuals. The site also features articles on astro issues such as void of course and retro movements. For ritual use, it’s my first port of call. And it’s British.

Price Hike, y’all.










The price of a 3-card Quickie e-mail reading has risen to $15.00. I’m still no nearer to being a fat cat, tho.

Les Cartes Mystiques de Mlle Lenormand


This is the deck I bought at the Librairie du Bonheur in Paris last week. Here is the spread I did on the plane on the way home. I just adore these cards, and as with the Will Worthington Druid Oracle deck, my intention is to not learn the meanings from the book but to learn to read the symbols only, in an intuitive way.

This spread shows me asking about how I can go about most effectively growing my business in 2014.: love, partnerships, daring, responsibility, and in the words of Terry Hall, among others: “Enjoy Yourself.”