How I Got into Tarot

How did you, dear reader, get into Tarot? When was the first time you saw a Tarot deck in action? People see Tarot as vaguely illicit, bordering on sinister or even downright evil so usually it’s in a secret room somewhere, there may have been drawn curtains or even some candles, about on the same par as smoking dope in the naughty stakes.

When I was a child, my sister was my biggest hero. To me, she seemed to be the epitome of everything a person could hope to become: she  had a lot of silver rings and wore eye-liner, she had tons of friends, she was tall, beautiful, with the best grades in her year and frequent comments on how long her legs were. She was great at sport and she had a horse. Second to my sister in the hero stakes was my cousin, who used to come from Brittany and stay with us nearly every summer. To my 11-year-old mind, there was basically no-one to top those two icons, those pillars of cool, my sister and my cousin. And one year, my cousin bought a Tarot deck with her when she came to stay.

Looking on in awe – because I was never allowed to participate fully – and as I remember, I think they asked questions like: “When are you going to die?” “Is your future husband going to be rich?” And: “When and how are you going to lose your virginity?” After a few tries, they realised that the Tarot wasn’t going to give them the answers they were looking for, and they put the cards away. I then stole them.

Years later, I remember finding them and trying them out for myself and realised how incredibly accurate they were. It was about 5 years later, when I was in my late teens, we were having a dinner party at home. My parents had invited some posh friends, an Admiral in the French Navy and his incredibly well-dressed wife, and I asked if anyone would like a Tarot reading. They all said:

“Oh, what fun! Let’s do it!”

There may even have been some polite clapping.

So I laid the cards out on the bridge table for the Admiral, who had shuffled. I was looking in the little white book and saying: “2 of Disks, this one is you, you can see you are on the water, you are facing your responsibilities, but it’s tough going.” Everyone laughed. “Tell us something we don’t know!” they shouted.

“OK,” I went on, “now we see your wife, she’s, she’s, she’s…”

“She’s what?” Called out my parents in unison.

“Yes, what is she?” asked the Admiral.

“I can’t tell you.” I said.

“Tell us!” Everyone shouted.

“She’s having an affair.”

There was a silence then my mother said:

“I think it’s time for dinner, don’t you think? Come and help me, Elise.”

So I put the cards away and didn’t say another word all evening. The Admiral’s wife was having a very scandalous and public affair, and they were in London trying to patch up their marriage. A few months later, they were divorced.

It was at that moment I realised for the first time that the Tarot wasn’t just some parlour game, and it wasn’t just for over-imaginative, gullible little girls, as most people think. I bought some books and investigated a little more deeply. I found that the answers I was getting to my questions were about 80% consistent with what was actually happening in my life, and recording the readings showed that the predictions were just as accurate. Not only that, but the guidance was shockingly apt. The Tarot would say things like: “Stop feeling sorry for yourself.” “You’re totally out of control with your emotions.” or: “Sex magick is a false road for you. Develop what you’ve got going on now.”

I moved to Japan, my sister is now living in London, and my cousin is based in Thailand. Because she never regarded money or possessions as important, she lived on a beach for many years. She came to visit us a few years ago for Christmas and we all went up to Nagano and had a wonderful hot spring break. I reminded her of the Tarot cards, but she had no recollection of them whatever. I said: “Whatever, I learned the meanings of the cards, would you like a reading?”

The cards that came up for her were ALL about the money: Queen of Disks was her signifier, 4 of Disks, Knight of Disks, you name it, they were all there. I said: “Sorry, but I’m not sure this is a very good reading. It’s all about savings and investments and pensions.” She answered: “That’s my question: should I take out a pension and life insurance to protect my daughter, in case anything should happen to me?”

That’s when I knew that the Tarot is pretty much infallible, and it was during that holiday, while sitting in the outdoor bath one evening, with the Nagano snow piled up all around, and the Moon and Venus shining down upon me, that I made a vow to become a Tarot professional.

So, what about you? How were you introduced to the Tarot? What was your first deck? Do you give readings to other people? When did you realise just how insanely accurate the Tarot is? Comment in the box below.

Daily Psychic Cleanse

Why should you psychically cleanse yourself every day?

Physics World

Because I’m a light worker, I radiate light and I’m very visible and attractive to non-corporeal psychic entities, some of them good, some of them not so good. If you are reading this post, it’s because you also have an interest in this area. So you are also pinging on the psychic radar.

What’s wrong with a little visibility?

Psychic entities might want to stick with you because they are lost, because they want to feed off your good vibes, because they have a message for their loved ones that they want you to give them, or a limitless spectrum of other reasons. The effect of psychic parasites being attached to you is gradual soul loss, which is something you don’t want, because the long-term effect of psychic parasites can last over several life-times. Do not feel sorry for them. You are not helping them. You are not being compassionate by allowing them to continue to feed off your soul essence. The very best thing for them is to return them to the light – for which you need to see a Shaman or Healer, or learn to do the job yourself.

So you need to cleanse yourself every day. This should be part of your daily routine, the same as brushing your teeth or having a shower. I do it as I’m walking to the station on my way to work. My neighbours probably think: “oh there goes that woman who is always talking to herself.”

What’s the effect?

The effect is that now I am happy and positive if not all the time then most of the time, basically. That might sound like some Law of Attraction fake feeling bs that is bound to fail eventually. However, here I am months down the road and I’m writing this post to tell y’all that this is the bomb. I promise you, it is something that you want. I see negative thought patterns for what they are, and I know how to not let them get any traction in my life.

How long does psychic cleansing take?

It takes me about 10 to 20 minutes. I know that sounds like a significant time investment on a daily basis, but the effect is absolutely worth it and it feels extremely good. By the end I’m wondering if I really have to stop. It’s like getting into a shower in the winter. At first you’re thinking that you don’t really want to take your clothes off and get into a stream of probably still cold water, but once you are under there you don’t want to get out.

So how do you do it?

  1. State your name clearly. Say: “I, (first name) (second name), reject and repel the darkness.” Be very clear about that. State your affiliation clearly. Say something like: “I channel the light only. Only the light works through me.” Use words like only and totally. Get creative with this every day. Mean it.
  2. Invoke the help of spirit guides. You can’t do this without them. You can invoke non-specific spirit guides – see THIS video post I put on YouTube – or you can invoke one in particular. I love Kali and I am aligned with her, so I sometimes invoke her, but most usually not.
  3. Direct the Spirit and Healing Guides how to cleanse you and different parts of yourself. You might work through the different layers of your energy body, which will help you stay clean and clear in time and space.
  4. Imagine a point of light from infinitely far away, that is shooting straight towards you. It comes to a stop just above your head. It’s a spiral. It spirals down through you, cleansing and clearing and healing as it goes.
  5. Use your breath. Breathe in the light, breathe out the dark. Your lungs are a bellows. It’s like smoking, but the effects are extremely positive.
  6. Feel the negativity and stress / anxiety within you. Where is it? How does it feel?
  7. Visualise your stress areas, your core becoming clear and clean, visualise the light reaching your extremities. Visualise the darkness leaving you.
  8. Pray. You can chant, pray, invoke Archangels, but have one set of words that you use every time. The ritual and the alignment with a higher power is vital for this to work. You can use Names of G_D, Hail Mary, whatever feels incredibly sacred to you.
  9. Visualise your chakras becoming clean, one at a time. I start at the top and work my way down, but this is your show, do what sings to you.
  10. If you come to a blockage in a chakra, then gently send it love and light, and intend it to clear. Invoke a spirit guide that is a specialist in clearing it. Spend a little longer on the one that’s blocked, then move on.
  11. Now you are going to run your toroidal field, as TZ calls it. As you breathe in, imagine the light being pulled up through your feet and reaching the top of your head. As you breathe out, imagine it spilling out over your head like a fountain. Keep going with this. Visualise the light covering you totally, back, front and sides.
  12. Visualise the light as white, sparkling, crackling with Light energy. Feel strong in your core, know that you are strong on the inside and on the outside.
  13. As ever, end with deep thanks and gratitude to the spirit guides who assisted you in your daily cleansing, and to your teachers in all times and space. Put your hand over your heart and speak words of gratitude.

There is no excuse for not doing this every single day. After only a few days, you will notice the difference. People won’t bug you so much, situations that once infuriated you will seem kind of minor. Problems will seem like obstacles that can be avoided. If I feel overcome by bad vibes, I say: “I, Elise Mori, strongly and fully reject the darkness, the shadow and negativity (and so on)”, and away it goes. Bye-zee-bye!

In this amalgam of clearing exercises, I used a mish-mash selection from these (and probably other) sources:

Brandy Williams

Tina Zion

Ted Andrews

Jim Pathfinder Ewing

Reiki training with Kubota Sensei.

Is this the cleansing ritual that you do? What do you do to keep yourself free from psychic leeches and parasites? Share your experiences and recommendations below.

Is Tarot Evil?

In the Tarot there are 78 cards, some of which are very gentle and sweet, some of which are extremely harsh and scary. So why would anyone want to use a system that has frightening images? Could the Tarot be evil?

Devil card from Lady Freida Harris and Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot

Firstly, let’s get the facts straight. The Tarot was devised by the Visconti-Sforza family of Milan in around 1420, as a catechism tool for the young ladies of the house. It was designed in the same way as flashcards, to teach Higher Christian Virtues, such as Temperance, inner Strength and the value of quiet meditative prayer. So if you are thinking that the Tarot comes from a place of paganism and heresy, allow me to disabuse you.

Tarot for Cats – image from

So we hear about Tarot of Cats and Erotic Tarot decks that are available now, how does that relate to early Renaissance christianity? Basically, the format is the same, it’s the delivery style that’s different. So what do we use the Tarot for?

Think about what you would say if you knew that your best friend’s boyfriend was a scumbag. Would you tell her? Would you say: “I really dislike that guy. At the risk of sounding clingy and possessive, I think he’s a total tool and you should get get away from him as soon as.” See, the Tarot would say that, and that would be news she would listen to, because the Tarot is obviously impartial. How could it not be? If you lay it on the line to your friend, she might think you’re jealous of her romance, or that you secretly fancy her bf and can’t stand to see the two of them together, in fact a whole array of possible bad things might cross her mind. But if she sees the Knight of Swords rushing away from the Queen of Disks, now that might well change her mind about him.

Knight of Swords from

But now let’s imagine a different scenario, one in which a friend is herself behaving like a jerk, and you know that her destructive habits and mind-set are actually slowly ruining her, and impacting badly on the people around her. Just how many times could you point that out to her, no matter how gently, without sounding like a complete pain in the tushie? I think very soon she would start ignoring your texts and that would be that, she would be out of your reach and on her own. But if she saw the Devil card laid out in front of her in a Tarot reading, chances are she’s going to sit up and pay attention. That sucker looks EEEEVILLL!

That’s why we have some strong cards in the Tarot, to show us who we really are, and what a jerk we are being at the moment. What a gift.

I fancy myself as quite intelligent, in that I think I’m not stupid, and if you read a few blog posts on this site you might agree with me. Also, I feel that I’m not a deluded person. I make judgements based on actual, concrete, physical evidence that I test for myself. I’m also really, really not evil. I pray several times every day. I reject and repel the darkness, negativity, shadow. I’m a healer, I channel only the Light. Check MY HEALING WEBSITE for more info on that. I use Tarot cards because they work. They give the best guidance and prediction for individuals. I would never use a system that hurt or harmed anyone.


And after over 25 years of Tarot practice, I can tell you that the Tarot has never, ever advised anyone to do something immoral or something that would harm them. For example, once a woman asked me if she should divorce her husband and move in with a new guy. The Tarot said that she should think seriously about her long-term future plans, for both her and her baby, and stick with her present guy, the one that was going to give her the stability that she needed for the time being. See, that’s perfect guidance, right? And it’s always right, consistently.

The Devil card, the Hanged Man, the Tower, they are all hard bitch-slaps to tell you to wake up to what is going on around you and within you.

I strongly believe that the Tarot is an excellent hotline to your higher self. I seriously think that people spend years in therapy to get the answers that the Tarot could give them in an afternoon. Your higher self is constantly trying to guide and steer you, but hearing it’s voice is kinda tricky in this era of Candy Crush Saga and Game of Thrones. Actually, I’m a huge Thrones fan, so that’s no criticism, it’s just a way of saying that nowadays there is so much mind-crackle to contend with that it’s hard to find that quiet space inside ourselves and just listen for a damn minute to what our inner voice is saying. The Tarot cuts through the interference like a hot knife through butter. It’s up to you what you do with that information.

So, what have we just said? We said that the Tarot is probably a clear line for the voice of your Higher Self. We said that it consistently gives guidance and prediction based on what is right for you, aligning you with the fastest, clearest, most loving and light-filled channel for growth and healing. As to how it could possibly be up to 80% accurate in every reading, you’ll have to wait for another blog post to read my opinion on that.

So if Tarot was so great, why doesn’t everyone do it? I guess you could say that it’s slightly embarrassing to be doing Tarot. People of all genders and walks of life, of all ages and beliefs, have asked me for a Tarot reading. People do get Tarot readings, they just don’t talk about it.

What has your experience of having or giving Tarot readings been? Have you ever experienced darkness or guidance that wasn’t in line with your highest good? Or have you, like me and all other Tarot readers I’ve ever met, only received the purest, most helpful guidance and prediction? Leave your comments below.

New Reiki Share Dates

Come and share Reiki and all-round good vibes. If you don’t have attunement, don’t worry, as you will receive Reiju, which is temporary Reiki attunement, it allows you to give Reiki. If you are a Reiki practitioner, come along and tell us about your services and courses. I’m holding two per month: one on the 3rd Sunday, one on the 2nd Tuesday of every month, so that everyone gets a chance to go.

Since it was so hard to organise any Reiki Shares in Yokosuka, due to lack of suitable space, I decided to hold them in Yokohama instead. There are many excellent spaces there that I’ve rented before. Yokohama is only 30 mins from Tokyo and from Yokosuka, and the event space is about 5 to 10 minutes from the North exit of Yokohama station.

By the way, if you are interested in renting spaces around Japan, because you want to hold a meetup or whatever, maybe for a business meeting or networking event, I recommend It seems to be the best of the space rental sites, IMHO.

Check out my Meetup group, Energy Network, for more info on the Reiki shares. To find out more about my work as a Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher, check out my other website: LOTUSFOREST.NET.

How to Make Tofu

The tofu is top left hand corner, looking (and tasting) like fried halloumi I cheese.

If you are a healer or guide in any sense, you need to stop supporting the suffering and death of others. Nowadays, it’s not exactly difficult or strange to take meat out of your diet. And here, I’m giving you one more way to enjoy that feeling of smug self-satisfaction. Friends, I give you:

Tofu that tastes like ricotta, that you can make in 30 minutes and with minimum effort, using ingredients you can easily buy in any supermarket and equipment you undoubtedly already have at home.

You can put it on salads, in sandwiches and stews and curries. You can press it till it’s hard then fry it like halloumi cheese. You can load it over nachos. Or you can scoop it out of the container on the end of a taco chip, like hummus, and shovel that creamy goodness down your throat.

Ready? Here goes.


1 litre of plain soy milk

1/2 cup vinegar and / or lemon juice

1 teaspoon of sea salt or rock salt. Do not use chemical salt. Ever. See why HERE.

Nutritional yeast, if liked

pepper, herbs, garlic to taste.


Take a large pan and put the soy milk in it. Bring slowly to a simmer. When the milk is simmering, add the vinegar / lemon juice bit by bit. Eventually, the milk will curdle. You will see it separate into solid-looking curds in a yellowish-greenish clear liquid. If you are not sure whether the liquid is clear enough, stir it. If the liquid looks at all milky, keep adding the vinegar. Once curdled, turn of the heat.

Here you can see the chopsticks have properly formed, although still very mini curds.

Put a large sieve or colander in the sink. Metal is best for this job. Line it with a tea towel or bandana, one that doesn’t have any holes at all. Yes, I learned that the hard way. Tip the contents of the pan into the cloth-lined colander.

Here’s hoping I used the cloth without holes…

Add your salt, and any other herbs, spices, whatever, you are interested in. Dried mint is nice, so is oregano and thyme. Stir everything around. You will see the clear water-like liquid draining out through the cloth.

Yes I have a small and slightly messy kitchen.

Without scalding your fingers (you might want to wear rubber gloves) tie opposite corners of the cloth together. Then hang your bag of dripping tofu over your sink to drain. That part will take about 5 minutes. Then, depending on what consistency you want your tofu, you can either just use it as a very soft, cottage cheese-like consistency, or you can press it.

I’ve left it hanging up overnight with rubber bands squeezing the water out, but actually but it looked quite freaky so I don’t do that anymore.

My pressing system is about as unscientific as it’s possible to be. I put the cloth full of tofu back in the colander, then I fill a Le Creuset pot full of water, put the lid on, and set that over the bag to press out the remaining water quickly. You will need to check back on it from time to time and rearrange it so that it gets evenly pressed.

Here I made tofu with 2 litres of soy milk.

Once it is at a consistency that is to your liking, store your tofu in a container – a bowl with a plate on top is perfect and avoids using plastic – and you can keep it in the fridge for up to a week. Some people keep their tofu in water in the bowl, but I think it makes it go softer. It’s best eaten as soon as possible. Mmm. Warm…

This is about half of what I made, and it worked out enough for 3 people.

I make this in large batches using 2 litres at a time, but for experimental purposes you could try 1 litre first and see if you like it.

I started making this recipe because I used to make paneer, which is basically the exact same method but using cow’s milk. Then I cut down on / practically stopped using cow’s milk products because of THIS. When I started using soy milk in a lot of recipes, I noticed how soy milk curdles when you add lemon juice and vinegar, so I decided to try making tofu and it worked. I prefer using vinegar or lemon to using nigari / magnesium chloride, which is the traditional Japanese curdling agent, because there is always a disconcerting bitter aftertaste with that, I find. Also with vinegar and salt you get a very nice light cheesy taste. There are other versions of this recipe elsewhere on the web, though, but basically they use pretty much the same system as me.

You can also make your own soy milk for this, if you have the time and energy. I like MIYOKO SCHINNER’s version.

I’d love to hear how it turned out for you. Please leave a comment!

As always, you can use my pictures / text, but ONLY with my permission. Thanks for respecting my work. Remember: Witches collect.

How to Honour Your Animal Spirit Guide

There is a lot of talk about the difference between Animal Spirit Guides and Animal Totems. At the risk of sounding simplistic, for me there is no real difference.

Your Animal Spirit Guide will present itself to you in a form you can understand and relate to in terms of its qualities.

For example, if your Guide would like you to identify it with immense strength, power and intelligence, with a fierce and predatory nature, because that is what is going to help you to achieve your Sankalpa in this lifetime, it might present itself to you as a tiger or lion. On the other hand, if you need to be more subtle, or perhaps hard-working and in tune with others, you might find your Guide looks like an ant. Ok so that’s a little extreme, but it’s a possibility.

There are a lot of great (and possibly not so great!) videos and meditations out there on how to go about meeting your Animal Spirit Guide. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, my favourite book on the subject is Ted Andrews’ How to Meet & Work with Spirit Guides.  However, once you’ve found your guide, what do you do with it?

Let’s imagine you meet your spirit guide and it’s a Male Lion. What are the qualities of Male Lion?

It’s a fierce predator, lives in a pride, eats the cubs of other lions. So in real human life, that means: stalk your spiritual goal with relentless determination as if your life and the life of your clan depended on it, cultivate excellent relationships and bonds with the other people in your clan, be strong and defend them, and singlemindedly develop your spiritual lineage. If your Spirit Guide is Female Lion, you also need to stalk your Sankalpa with terrifying focus, and you need to develop your Sangha / spiritual community more and be more defensive of smaller people.

So that’s all well and good for your inner journey and spiritual goals, how about honouring your Animal Spirit Guide in a real way?

Giving to conservation charities that pinpoint the animal you work with is an amazing way to say thank you. However, if you’re a little strapped for cash at the moment, following them on social media and sharing their posts also goes a long way towards helping.

How do you enjoy and celebrate the bond between you and your Animal Spirit Guide?

I know a former mixed martial arts fighter who wears a silver whale tie pin. Whether he know it or not, his Animal Spirit Guide is Whale. Do you wear leopardskin patterns? Do you have bear fridge magnets? Do you visualise your Guide walking down the street with you? Do you meet it in non-ordinary reality and hang like bffs? Let us know in the comments below.

A Light in the Darkness

I received this in my inbox this afternoon and instantly donated. But you don’t need to donate anything, just signing petitions helps so much. If you feel sad, depressed or angry about world events, organisations like AVAAZ actually do make a difference. See their victories HERE.

Udemy Course – the story so far

Instead of running the beginners’ course directly from this site, I’ve decided to post it on Udemy. The advantage is that my newsletter and blog subscribers can get it free, because you can get vouchers and the like, apparently.

The slightly sad and sorry news is that it’s taking me a lot longer than expected to get that thing up and running. I thought I would be able to just transfer files from the Beginners’ Tarot course that I ran earlier this year. However, looking back on that I realised that in fact I pretty much had to re-write the whole thing. But that’s ok, I love talking about Tarot. ETA is about mid-July at present.

So if you want a really amazing (!) comprehensive beginners’ Tarot course, subscribe to my blog! There’s a link in the side-tab on the right.

Third-Party Readings

To 3rd-Party read or not to 3rd-Party read? It’s when the person asks to know about someone who has not given permission to have their cards read.

Questions can include: Is my wife having an affair? Is my boss ever going to promote me? What’s he building in there?

A few years ago a woman client asked me to do a reading for a guy she had a crush on. It was in a café, and all the other people in the café knew both her and the guy involved, and everyone was listening in to the reading. Kind of tense! The guy in question wasn’t present, he was married and had a successful career as the drummer in a rock band. I told my client that she could get a reading about the relationship between her and this man, but his private life was his own business. She was obviously disappointed but short of putting a gun to my head, there was nothing much she was going to be able to do to change that.

To my amazement, the Tarot reading was all about him, his wife, his mistress, his manager, his career, his fans, they were all in there.

The Tarot showed him to be extremely stressed and unhappy, pressurised by the conflicting demands of so many people riding on the coat-tails of his career. My client sat through the reading in total silence, and at the end she said that she was going to just love him from afar, and stop stalking him like a beast.

It’s happened a few times that people have asked me to do a third-party reading, and I always say no, but you know that if the Tarot thinks you need to know about someone’s life, because that’s going to help you personally, then that’s the information you’re going to get.

To show what I mean, here’s a reading I did this morning. I asked the Tarot to help me illustrate my point with a fictitious office crush situation. The cards are from the Tarot de Jacques Viéville.

So obviously, thinking about the visual language of the Tarot, the very clear message is: “get your nose out of this person’s life. The way is closed, buster!” We see someone waving a big truncheon in our face, then the way is barred, then it’s super-double barred with an extra padlock. From a more traditional interpretation: He’s having a lot of sex and he’s partying a lot. Notice the numbers? It’s 1 – 2 – 4, multiplying the Wands exponentially. How does that help the client? It just makes them feel more left out and vulnerable than ever. However, check this:

See, now that’s better, isn’t it? A woman wrestling with her lust, looking back on past events and feeling even more left out and sorry for herself, while over on the other side the door is locked like Fort Effing Knox.

Just leave the dude alone, already, and attend to the matter at hand, which in this case is your beautiful pet lion, which has to be a metaphor for everything that’s beautiful and wild in your life. Stop pining over some guy who is ultimately going to ostracise you and leave you out in the cold.

Basically, it’s the same reading twice in a row. However, in the second reading, the message is a lot more personal and useful, don’t you think?

What do you think about 3rd-party readings? Some people say it’s tantamount to psychic spying and totally out of bounds. Others say: “Well, if I don’t get paid to do this, someone else will, so I may as well go ahead and do this thing. Who cares, anyway?” The difference is an ethical Tarot reader who feels honour and professionalism, versus someone who doesn’t care about you or the person who you’re stalking. Which person is going to give the better reading?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this controversial topic, so please comment below.

Timing Events with the Chaldean Decans

Tokyo Tarot Meetup rides again, at Denny’s Restaurant, Shinagawa, and this time we focused on  the magnificent Chaldean Decans, or decanates, whichever you prefer.

This system is based on the Chaldean calendar. The idea is that you can time events in the future using Tarot cards. I love this kind of fortune telling, because you get prediction and timing together.

Coming up soon, I will be offering a Chaldean Decan mini e-course, which will be FREE to Star Tarot Blog and newsletter Subscribers, and Patreon supporters.

If you want to see a much more beautiful version of the Chaldean calendar, see THIS blog post. In the reading on the table above, the member asked when she was getting married. Based on what the Tarot said, and looking at the calendar, what do you think?

Tarot Telesummit

Mass excitement here at Star Tarot as the indefatigable Kim Wilborn announces what promises to be another “Fly Higher, Fly Further” Tarot telesummit: Tarot Horizons. In case you’ve never participated in one of these, they are free to join, and take place live over 5 days, with recorded replays available for 48 hours. Guest speakers are usually pretty fantastic, you definitely learn a lot. My advice is hook yourself up. If you love Tarot, then this is the event for you.