“Me And My New Guy”

Current Situation

Current Situation
  • Left: 2 of Coins. You have a lot of responsibility, a lot on your plate, and quite often life feels like a juggling act. You feel overwhelmed by how much you have to do, sometimes it just feels like a tsunami of chores. You just want to cut loose and let go of everything, just spend time indulging yourself without any responsibility, and to hell with everyone else and their needs.
  • Right: Temperance. What’s stopping you from doing that is your sense of your life path. You know that in order to reach your higher goal, your true potential, letting a new man in your life will hurt the others around you – you won’t be able to give them the attention they need – and take up too much of your time, which you already never have enough of, it seems.

You are caught in a sandstorm of thoughts and wants. The Tarot says that you need to pan out, to take a higher perspective, and see how well you have done so far. You have set the bar high for yourself and you are on the way to achieving your goals. Don’t sabotage everything now.

What’s also interesting about the way these cards are together on the table is that it looks like your new man is on the left and you are on the right: he is playing with a diabolo and inviting you to join him, and you are looking back over your shoulder at a man / angel who is speaking to you out of the clouds. It could be that this third person is another man who is already in your life. You feel guilty about him, so although your body is turned towards the dashing man in his flowing cape and cool toys, you can’t help but look back over your shoulder to the other.

Possible future outcome

Possible Future Outcome
  • Centre: The Sun. It looks as though, in the short term, if you develop a relationship with him, initially you will get a lot of satisfaction. It will feel like a beautiful sunny day after days and days of cold and rain. You will feel like you are playing in the sun in a totally free and relaxed way.
  • Left: The Devil. For you both, though, the ultimate outcome will be a return to destructive patterns that keep you chained to a lower version of yourselves. This kind of behaviour is like an addiction, because it’s an enslavement that, for whatever reason, you put on yourselves. There is a danger also that you will blame each other, and hurt yourselves and other people in your lives.
  • Right: 3 of Swords. The Tarot very strongly recommends you to move on from this relationship. You are harkening back to a past relationship that you had with this person, and the Tarot says that that time is gone now, and letting go is a priority for you.

Currently, the energy between you is explosive, fiery and hot, there is a lot of physicality, but not much soul or balance.


If you want to make this relationship work, there has to be a lot of soul-searching and honesty, about who you both are and your responsibilities towards each other, yourselves, and the other people in your lives. You would also have to find a way to make this a creative, almost spiritual endeavour. The Sun card can sometimes show a child-like, selfish desire to have fun, which we justify because of past hardships. If you can find a way to make this relationship work for the sake of others, that’s how you would be able to stay together in harmony in the long-term.

Thanks very much once again for getting a Tarot card reading with me. If you have any questions or comments, please get back to me.



Card images: Kat Black’s Golden Tarot.

One thought on ““Me And My New Guy”

  1. The reading certainly seemed true about the current situation and I can intuit that the outcome predicted for the long run may well be right. However, we are different people to who we were 30 years ago and I think we need to relearn who we are now to see if it could work. It’s good to hear the Tarot’s warning though so that I can know what to look out for. Elise’s way of expressing the Tarot’s teachings is very clear and she brings the ideas to life. Thank you.

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