“What is my path to material success?”

Deck: The Cathar Tarot by John Matthews & Wil Kinghan

I have divided this spread into 3 sections:

  • Left: where you are now, your current situation
  • Top: your path, how to get to your objective
  • Right: guidance on how to achieve your objective.
  • Current situation

    On the left, we see 3 cards. In the centre is the Ace of Swords, left is 5 of Love and right is Ace of Shields.

    You are trying to keep a hold of your mind, you are feeling inspired. It’s very important for you now to learn as many facts as possible and to use your mind to move forward. You also have a lot of passion, and that’s a very good thing! You seem to be on fire with longing for your goal, and you will certainly need it over the next few months. However, there seems to be a lot of disappointment and bitterness around you also right now. You feel let down and it’s hard for you to see your way through. You have to be very sure to put your feelings of bitterness and anger away if you want to move forward with your life.

    It could also be that you have so much energy that you make the wrong decisions. Your energy seems to be exploding everywhere, and it could be causing you even more problems with your emotional life. Be sure to prioritise your thoughts, think clearly and carefully before acting or speaking at the moment.


    On the top row, we see three more cards: in the centre is the Two of Wisdom, on the left is the Knight of Wisdom and on the right is the Six of Shields.

    In order for you to make a pathway between where you are now and where you want to be, you have to start thinking that what you want to do and what you need to do are the same. If you think that the way is long and hard, that people are judging you, that it’s too much responsibility, then it’s going to be very difficult for you to get where you want to go. However, if you can find a way to enjoy the process, then half the journey is done already. Stop thinking of this journey as a terrible chore, some huge, boring task, or just a series of annoying and risky battles that have to be won.

    The way to do that is to train yourself to think like an accountant or a librarian, that is: to think in terms of tiny details that no-one else would see, and to enjoy that. You also have to find joy in yourself, and self-sufficiency in yourself. Sometimes we can “come home”, we can find peace and respite with the people we love, but that’s a luxury you might have to do without on your current journey.


    On the right-hand row, we see three cards again: in the centre is fhe Death card, on the left is fhe Knight of Swords, and on the right is The Meloramentum.

    The Death card does not mean you are going to die, it does not mean that someone close to you is going to die. It means that you have to see everyting in its season. It’s hard to say goodbye to friends when you move on, it’s difficult to say goodbye to security and a safe lifestyle when you have to go to an uncertain future.

    To get to your goal of material success, you need to leave behind the things that will keep you locked down in your present situation, you have to change your lifestyle completely and even how you see yourself. Like the Knight in the Knight of Swords card, you might have to sacrifice some relationships, or leave them behind. It’s so important to be 100% honest with yourself. Is this who you really are? Is this what you really want? When you are an old man at the end of your life, and you look back on your life, what do you want to see?

    Overall themes

    The overall themes in this spread are being honest with yourself and making sacrifices for the lifestyle you want to create. The sacrifices might include your current lifestyle, for example you might have to say goodbye to any free time you currently enjoy, or a particular way of looking at life. You need to stay very sharp and clear, and keep a very good focus on what you want. You will face comflicts, but as long as you can be honest with yourself and what you really want, you have every chance of success.

    One thought on ““What is my path to material success?”

    1. Hi there everyone,

      My name is Alessandro, I am 27 years old Italian guy and I live in Tokyo since 5 months.

      This is the reading that I kindly received from Elise this week.
      My request arise as I Wanted to clarify my current situation as I felt no way out from it, so I thought: why not to try to get a tarot reading.

      I am always very busy at this period of my life, mainly to my work and for this reason I don’t have so much time to personally go to meet a tarot reader; so I started to research and I accidentalIy bump into Elise which can read tarot and give you the reading through email. I never got a tarot reading before but I felt to trust her so I asked a very definite question about my current situation.

      So I contacted her and after just few days I received the reading.
      The reading was very accurate, she picked up for me 9 cards and she made a picture of each cards she picked for me, so she split the reading in different sections and she explained it in simple words, which for me was very important as my mother-tongue is not english.
      Concerning to my situation, the reading just confirmed what I was feeling about the situation and I found Incredible how she describe it even though I never met her before, furthermore I neither told to her anything about my current situation, but I simply sent to her my question.

      The reading for me it was a kind of a magnifying glass, which boost me to start to do the actions that I need in order to move my current situation to the next step!
      I will give all my updates to the Star-tarot website Readers!

      I advise to get a reading From Elise if your looking for an advise from the universal energies as she a very good to understand and interpret what the life want to say to you through the tarots.

      Ciao a tutti!

      Alex C.

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