“What’s Going On In My Life?”

Tarot deck: “Le tarot de Jacques Viéville” Les Éditions SIVILIXI

I have arranged this reading in 3 rows:

Middle row: current status – 6 of Wands, Queen of Cups, 2 of Wands

You are a woman who wants to create a world of fine, noble feeling. You are creative and thoughtful. Right now, however, you are caught in a firestorm with your work and you feel very uncomfortable. On the one hand, you feel as though your work is never-ending, there is a situation in your work that seems like one bloody battle after another, and although you achieve small victories, you never feel as though the war is really ended. Also, you never feel that your qualities are being appreciated, you are never congratulated.. You yearn for something new, to get out of your current situation, even though you know that at base the work itself is worthwhile and good. Also there is something in you that enjoys soldiering on against terrible odds. You could do with putting your armour down and thinking about alternatives.

Bottom row: the reasons for your current situation: Death, 8 of Coins, Hermit

You are preparing for a new phase in your life. This is a turning point for you, a pivotal year. Everything is in your hands and you are totally capable of creative change, but the forces pulling in different directions are sometimes overwhelming. It is definitely time to cut ties with what can’t truly serve you anymore, even if it feels painful, even if it feels you have to take a heavy loss. You may feel that you have struggled and labored for an age and not come very far at all, but the Tarot says it’s time to let go now. You may feel that you are on your own, that you are pushed out into the cold. However this is how you can move forward.

Top row: Guidance from the Tarot – Ace of Coins, 4 of Cups, 5 of Coins

The Tarot is telling you to be flexible and adaptable. It’s time to become passive, just let everything go. No longer fighting, just accepting what is happening, creates a new opportunity for you. It’s time to move on in a new direction, which somehow you can’t do if you are in conflict. Releasing yourself from conflict opens a new opportunity, which you might not get again. At first, your new situation will be difficult, you will feel like you are going nowhere, and you will almost definitely need to ask for help, even though it might be embarrassing. You will feel that your hardship is due to past mistakes. However, once you can get over hurt pride in asking for help, you will be able to move on to a new phase of your life, which you know you need to do.

Themes / Conclusions

There is a lot of conflict and change in this reading. You are feeling like the struggles you have had will end in failure and defeat if you just cave in now. You want acceptance and recognition for your creativity and the care you put into your work. You don’t want to give up but it’s looking like that’s the only way forward. How much longer can you keep struggling on?

Another theme is slowness and passivity / being passive. You feel like everything is in slow motion, you feel impatient and are raring to make breakthroughs. The Tarot says that this feeling causes you to make wrong decisions and act in a counterproductive way. Giving way to other people does not mean you agree with them. But it might free you to go through to another phase of your life. Try to imagine yourself at retirement time. What kind of career do you want to look back on?

The Tarot is showing you here as the Queen of Cups. However, it’s hard for you to fulfil your potential with the raging fires of the Wands cards all around. At worst, the Queen of Cups is ruled by her raging, conflicting emotions and is hypersensitive and superstitious. At best she is the link between heaven and earth, super-spiritual and intuitive. The Tarot says that if you can deal effectively with your emotions, you can fulfil your potential.