Review: Your Greatest Gift

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I think saying you love self-help books is as uncool as saying you love musicals or poodles. I download the more outrageous self-help titles onto Kindle on my iPhone because honestly the book covers are so cheesy even I’m embarrassed to read them in public, which frankly is not a usual experience for me. However, I came upon Your Greatest Gift just after New Year and it’s just stellar, I tell you. If you are going to buy only one manifestation / LOA / self-help book in your entire life, let it be this one.

I’ve been a Zen student for about ten years, and a student of Buddhism for about 25 years. I’ve read a lot of Zen commentaries and poetry, I’ve been on several retreats and still consider Zen to be the cornerstone of my life. But you know, Zen can only be described as an abstract, incomprehensible non-entity – horribly distorting Charles Bukowski’s beautiful line: “Where the mind ends, God begins”. Having said that, Your Greatest Gift turns out to be the most lucid and helpful Zen manual I have ever read. Seriously – take heed, Hui Neng and Dogen Zenji.

In terms of seeing your original face before your mother and father were born, and / or giving yourself the greatest gift, this puppy does what it says on the tin: five stars.

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