This great image of Sekhmet comes from Kris Anka’s epic website.

My mother gave me Les Élixirs Floraux de Viviane which, sincerely, is a life-changing read. The author, Viviane Le Moullec, has a super-duper website: where she has a whole section on Tarot. Warning: this site is entirely in French… However, she gives wonderful attributions for the Tarot cards, one of which is Sekhmet (as in the image above) as Temperence. So what does Sekhmet, Goddess of War, excessive beer consumption and unslakable bloodlust, have to do with Temperence, I wondered?

A few nights after I received the book, I had a dream about a huge – 9 foot tall – Angel. When I asked him his name, he said it was Kamael. This is the Angel of War, the chief of the Powers (Archangels), the one closest to God, his name means: “The One Who Is Seen By God”. Here’s a picture of him now:


In my dream he had short blonde hair, however. The image of an angel with a flaming sword is something I saw in a half-waking dream when I was a child, and this has stayed with me ever since. If you want to know the whole story of the dream I had as a child, I am happy to tell you but I need Patron, lots of Patron.

Camael allows us to go “by any means necessary” to our destination, providing it is righteous and evolutionary in a spiritual sense. Viviane Le Moullec says: La déesse Sekhmet n’est pas seulement la déesse de la guerre, elle est aussi la déesse de la médecine et de la chirurgie. “The Goddess Sekhmet is not only the goddess of war, she is also the goddess of medicine and surgery”. Making better, by any means necessary.

My friend Jyoji says this reminds him of Lord Shiva, destroyer and creator, and I know that this image of a wrathfully but compassionate deity reminds me of my beloved Fu Doo Myou Oo Sama: