Timing Events with the Chaldean Decans

Tokyo Tarot Meetup rides again, at Denny’s Restaurant, Shinagawa, and this time we focused on  the magnificent Chaldean Decans, or decanates, whichever you prefer.

This system is based on the Chaldean calendar. The idea is that you can time events in the future using Tarot cards. I love this kind of fortune telling, because you get prediction and timing together.

Coming up soon, I will be offering a Chaldean Decan mini e-course, which will be FREE to Star Tarot Blog and newsletter Subscribers, and Patreon supporters.

If you want to see a much more beautiful version of the Chaldean calendar, see THIS blog post. In the reading on the table above, the member asked when she was getting married. Based on what the Tarot said, and looking at the calendar, what do you think?

John Allen’s Chaldean Decan Diagram on Completely Joyous

If you haven’t been to Joy Vernon’s Completely Joyous Tarot and Reiki blog, I suggest you do that soon. She has a great subscription feature called Blog Hop where you can see the best of the Tarot blogs she follows. Here’s hoping that one day Star Tarot may also be on the list, although I think the blogs she follows actually do a lot of commenting and postulating (yes, I really said that) on aspects of Tarot, whereas I just offer springboards; at least, that’s the way I think of it.

Anyway, I loved the Chaldean Decan diagram because it’s sooo much easier to read than mine – not difficult – and what pretty colours. The link to John Allen’s site is broken, though.