#tarotobsessed with Katey Flowers

“I use Tarot for so, so much. It’s just such a wonderful tool and a really big part of my life.


I’m definitely someone who enjoys structure and enjoys learning the theory. And so everything that I do with Tarot very much comes from the perspective of someone who knows the system well and really appreciates and honours the system. I have the basis of the Rider Waite system that really give[s] me confidence and a stable ground to work from. But then when I’m reading, you know, whatever comes through clearly and most loudly that’s what I go with, and sometimes that’s the traditional meaning and other times it’s the opposite, something completely new and different.

And I kind of really just let that happen, however that’s going to happen, I just let it happen. Because that’s the beauty of working with Tarot, you’re never quite sure what’s going to come through, what’s going to happen, what the cards have to say. But they always have something really wonderful to teach us. If we only have the courage to listen.”

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