Wednesday February 6 to Tuesday February 12

Marshmallow Marseille Tarot deck by Wandering Oracle.

Aries – 4 of Wands

Yey, it’s party time! You get to chill with your friends, you get to have 3 wishes, you get some quality alone time when you need it, basically ALL the good stuff. So why does it all feel so nebulous, somehow? Could it be that what you wish for isn’t socially acceptable, or that your alone time feels more like being ignored? Make real plans, stuff that happens in real time, get busy feathering your nest and clearing out your junk, then everything will be a lot more real, a lot ore solid and, well, tangible.

Taurus – 4 of Swords

Some quality time mulling things over and getting a little P and Q among the craziness is your gift from the universe this week. Don’t let this quality me-time become “good morning heartache, sit down” time. You have some lovely new relationships coming up, so use the break to rest and refresh.

Gemini – 2 of Cups

It’s a lovely thing when Gems get to start something new, or renew their existing relationships. This week, you’re feeling basically very balanced, and you have that crazy Gemini over-thinking thing a bit more under control. Yey you! If you can make time in your as-usual intensely frantic schedule, be sure to spend it just doing nothing. You’ll thank yourself for it later.

Cancer – 9 of Swords Rx

Yes, you do worry too much and you know it. You have a lot on your plate this week emotionally, but somehow the usual stress and fear about what other people are doing is not so strong. You know how to breathe through it, make mental head-space, see it as the opportunity it is. You’ll have some divesting of emotional interests to do, but that will end up as a blessed relief.

Leo – Death

Uh-oh, Leo. Yikes, it looks like you’re saying goodbye to a treasure this week. It’s deep, very deep, and you don’t like to spoil your mascara with all thot face water. But maybe it was that time, maybe you knew that this thing had its season, and now it’s finally gone, you can start to move on.

Virgo – 5 of Cups Rx

Did boby get a big bump? Ouch, that hurt, Virgo, so yes it is time to cry a bit and feel sorry for yourself. The body-beautiful that’s so important to you, or your physical environment, has taken a bashing this week, but you know what to do to get back on track. It does feel like that process is taking for-e-ver, but fear mot, the end of your recovery period is nigh.

Libra – The World

You’re coming to the end of a big chapter in your life, one that made you stronger because it didn’t kill you. You still have a lot of soul-searching to do to find that balance that you continuously crave, and the future looks very intense indeed. It’s time to look back, take stock, and make concrete plans that last.

Scorpio – Queen of Wands

A very charismatic and dynamic woman steps into your life this week, or you feel her impact strongly. It’s uncomfortable, and you wonder who you are and what your goals are, or what they ever were, even. Be very sure, taboo-loving Scorpios, that you don’t let yourself get bogged down in a rut of digging up all the old crap over and over again, without spending time, in whatever ritualistic way feels right to you, actually getting rid of that crap, once and for all.

Sagittarius – The Devil

Wild Speed is all very well, but be sure it actually takes you somewhere, not just round in a big circle. Your tendency this week is inner journeys, but although that’s really great in its place, set your turgid melodrama radar to 11 and take the knob right off. You CAN use this to declutter old crap. Enlist help, get the work done.

Capricorn – 4 of Cups

Never in the history of people telling other people to stop being annoyed has anyone ever managed to make anyone stop being annoyed. That being said, you are annoyed and more than a little bored with everything this week. People are behaving like idiots and it’s making your mind go around in circles. You love to rule, Caps, so rule yourself. And stop being annoyed.

Aquarius – 3 of Disks Rx

Aquarius people are always off in their minds to another place, searching for higher heights, dreaming and creating. They need a firm foundation of helpers, people who support them in the real world, as a springboard or basis for their imaginative antics. However, this week, that support network is not doing all it could to keep your foundation secure. It could be that you haven’t been paying them enough attention, maybe you’ve been feeling a little jaded, or perhaps partying too hard? Perhaps reciprocity is the order of the day.

Pisces – 9 of Cups

Oh, wow, Pisces. What a great week you’re having. It seems as though all your wishes come true all at once and you’ve got all your friends around you, even if they are a little bit more jarring than usual. However, your work situation could be a whole lot better. Please take care, dear Pisces, that you don’t squander this incredible 9 of Cups moment by wallowing in self-pity, bitterness or resentment. You know what to do: “Just keep swimmin’, swimmin’, swimmin’, what do we do? We swim!”