Thank You Again, Sunday Street.

It’s only when you do 17 live Tarot readings in a day that you can really say whether you and your Tarot Guides have a thing going on. So what has been happening until, well, yesterday actually, is that I felt at the mercy / whim of the Tarot and quite often it just didn’t resonate with the person getting the reading. At first, the more it happened the more freaked out I would get and eventually things could get really awkward and I would have to pack up and go home.

Recently I’ve been reading Tina Zion’s new book, Advanced Medical Intuition, and she states that as a Lightworker you should have the chutzpah (not her actual phrase) to command the Spirits to do your bidding. I like that idea. So yesterday I felt the old, familiar doubts creeping in and, frankly, did one or two pretty whacked-out readings. But then I remembered to summon the exact Guides I needed assertively, and from then on even though I was not literally aflame, then certainly cooking with gas.

So thanks to the team at Yokosuka’s Sunday Street for helping me to do what it takes, finally, to get a clear line to my fabulous Tarot Guides.

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